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Please check out some of the links below for important information related to your education pathway. 

See the following link for information on post-secondary planning: Planning for Post Secondary

2020-2021 E Learning Day School

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 Continuing Education


Diploma Requirements:



Graduation Requirements   


Post-Secondary Planning:



Finacial Aid



Getting Ready:

  • Navigating your way to post-secondary school can be overwhelming. Here are some websites to help you:

                College vs University - 3 Myths Debunked: College vs University
                Transfer Credits between College and University, Look at Pathways , Know about                                                                                                                                  Accelerated Programs:      Postsecondary Education in Ontario
What is a Transfer Credit? Credit Transfer in Ontario
What can I do with a Major in …
Links to Universities and their Undergraduate Calendars: 
Paying for School:
How to Plan, Save and Pay for Post-Secondary:
Manage your Money, Apply for Student Credit, Student Banking:
Getting Organized: Strategies and Technology for Organizational Skills
Strategies for Time Management: University Time Management
Studying Strategies & Time, Stress and Project Management: Study Guides and Strategies
Transitions to Post-Secondary School for Students with Learning Disabilities: