SAC Parent Handbook

Helpful tips to help get your child off to a fresh start at Kindergarten:

* Prepare and share a balanced, healthy breakfast before the time your child would need to leave for school.

* Visit the school with your child and take your child to the school play area a few times before school starts.

* Help your child choose a school knapsack that she/he can unzip and open on her own.

* A week or two before school starts, begin to put your child to bed at the time she/he will be going when school starts. Get her up at the time she will be getting up for school. Young children should get at least 10 hours of sleep each night.

* Encourage your child to tidy up the toys she/he is playing with before going on to a new toy or activity.

* Show your child how to wash her/his hands before and after eating and after using the washroom.

* If your child is staying at school for lunch, have little picnics before starting school. Give her time and encouragement to practise opening containers and juice boxes on her own.

* Before going to bed, let your child choose what she/he will wear the next day.

* Have a quiet time each day when your child can choose a book to read or a toy to play with on her own.

* Enjoy activities and play games together that require taking turns, sharing, listening and following routines.