Mathematics and Business


The Math Departament is located in room 220 on the second floor. 

Phone: (416) 395-3200   Ext. 20102


Welcome to Downsview, Mathematics Department. Our vision is to continue building strong numeracy foundation and expanding math knowledge through projects and every day applications, based on problem solving, critical thinking, communication, creativity and analytical skills. Using a variety of resources and online tools we engage students in personalized learning to accommodate their needs. We teach our students to have a growth mindset, engage in inquiry based learning, and appreciate application of mathematics in other subject areas.


Mathematics and Business Team:

Math (Assistant Curriculum Leader)



Contact us: Mon-Fri   1:10-1:45 pm.

*Teachers can connect with students and parents to support their learning during this timeframe.


How do students learn Math at Downsview?


Math and Technology:

We use technology to provide students with additional opportunities to interact with mathematical concepts. Students visualize, investigate math concepts through many interactive activities.


Students practice and review concepts learned in class on a daily basis with the teacher.  They complete math homework and review the problems in class.

Students also use technology, like the TI-83 graphing calculators, and helpful learning websites.

Hands-on activities with Manipulatives help students to apply what they've learned in class.Teachers provide support based on individual students' needs.

How can I help my child in Math?

Resources for parents:


Specialized Programs: STEM Advantage and Afrocentric- Math EQAO


Where to find extra help and Tutoring opportunities?

  • Math Homework club at Downsview in Room 210. Students have the opportunity to receive extra help from a math teacher during the lunch hour.
  • Each member in our department offers extra help to their own classes as well.  Contact your child's teacher to find out when extra help is offered. 
  • For Grade 9 students, there are EQAO workshops after school that help students focus on knowledge and skills needed to succeed on the test.  


Online Resources: