Technological Studies

Downsview Secondary School offers amazing Technology education! We have a variety of technology subjects to suit everyone's interests.

Technological innovation influences all areas of life, from the daily lives of individuals to the work of business and government, to interactions on a global scale. It helps meet basic human needs and provides tools for improving people's lives and exploring new frontiers. The power, reach, and rapid evolution of technology demand a curriculum that will enable students to become technologically literate - that is, able to understand, work with, and benefit from a range of technologies.

Three time City Championship medalists in the Ontario Technology Skills Cardboard Boat Races.

We offer the following courses:

Exploring Technologies

Grade 9 Exploring Technologies, bridges the gap between the elementary science and technology program and the Grade 10 courses in the ten broad-based technological subject areas represented in the curriculum. Exploring Technologies is intended to introduce students to technological education in general, exposing them to a range of subject areas. Students in this course work on projects that encompass several different technological areas, using a range of equipment and resources suited to the various areas.

Communications Technology

Communication Technology courses can encompass television/video and movie production, print and graphic communications, photography, and interactive new media and animation.


Construction Technology

This course covers a variety of concepts and skills in construction technology, such as plumbing, electrical and network wiring, masonry, heating/ cooling, carpentry, and woodworking.


Hairstyling and Aesthetics

Students will learn concepts and skills related to hairstyling and aesthetics, including hair, nail, and skin care applications.


Technological Design

This course provides students with concepts and skills related to technological design, which involves the development of solutions to various design challenges and the fabrication of models or prototypes of those solutions.


Transportation Technology

Students will learn the concepts and skills related to transportation technology, which encompasses the maintenance, servicing, and repair of various types of vehicles, aircraft, and/or watercraft.