English as a Second Language & Special Education Resource Support

Welcome to the ESL/Special Education Resource Support Web Page.

ESL -- English as a Second Language
I provide support to students who are new to the country and do not speak English and to students who are still at the beginning stages of learning English.

Dundas also hosts the Welcoming Communities for TDSB Newcomer Youth & Kids.  Selected Dundas students are mentors to students who have recently arrived to the country and are still learning English.  This program starts on September 25, 2013 and end on November 13, 2013.

Attached is a brochure regarding ESL support.

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Special Education Resource Support
I provide support for students who may be struggling in Literacy and Numeracy.

More information regarding Special Education can be accessed on the TDSB Website under Special Education.

Ms. Gale

Kids Helping Kids
By MayLynn Quan

Kids Canada is so grateful for the support of Maria Arone, principal of Dundas Public School. Dundas held a Penny Drive in February 2012 for the Kids Can Water Project. With the generous support of students, parents, teachers and parent council, Dundas raised enough money for 2 Tiva bio-sand water filtration systems for their friends.   Uganda Kids Can are raising funds on their end. Together the children in both countries will raise enough funds for at least 3-4 filtration systems!

Sadly this will be the last penny drive as the Royal Canadian Mint will stop issuing the penny on February 4th 2013. Guess we move on to nickle drives : ) 

Since early October 2012, I have been working with Nada Ly, Melissa Hardill and Miss Gayle, teachers of Dundas Public School, to connect with teachers and kids in Kampala, Uganda. I was invited to share stories about Kids Canada and all of the schools and organizations we work with before and after our trip to Uganda for the second Nggaali Music Competition in October 2012.

The children at Dundas were a treat to hang out with and were excited to learn more about their new friends in Africa.

In November, Bosco Lusagala, principal at Great Valley Children’s Centre in Kampala, sent me home with an envelope filled with beautifully hand written letters from his children.
The children in Ms Hardill’s class sent their replies early in December and we were all relieved when the package finally arrived in Uganda just before their school year started again in February.

I will be in Kampala soon and will keep you posted