Century Schoolhouse

Century Schoolhouse Field Trip

On November 13th, we had the opportunity to visit the Century Schoolhouse; a program where students step back in time!  As a reproduction of a typical one room school, the classroom area provides an excellent stage on which to re-enact a school day as it would have been circa 1890 for the children who lived in this once rural community.  This trip indroduced students to Early Communities in Ontario as well as Urban and Rural communities.

Let the fun begin!  As we were welcomed to the schoolhouse by Ms. Monica, students needed to separate into boy and girl lines.  Boys always minded their manners and invited the girls to go first.  What gentlemen!    
It was time for the pioneer students to learn the rules, sing God save the Queen, and start the roles of our new characters.

Oh oh!  Some boys and girls were NAUGHTY (and great volunteers for acting to do so!)  Punishments were plenty!
Thank you, Pioneer Moms!  We hope you had fun, too!