Toy Makers

December 12, 2014

Science and Technology, Social Studies, Language, and even Math have come together with our Toy Building project! We have been learning about how people lived in the 1800s. They made do with much less than we have now in Canada, and toys were usually homemade. We also discovered that even now many children around the world make their own toys from recycled materials. We were excited to do this ourselves. We learned about simple machines and forces. We collected old materials, got some donations from the TDSB's Arts Junktion. We designed our toys. We asked some parents to help out (Thank you!). … and finally we got to work!

It takes teamwork!

How can I add wheels to my boat? How can I make them more stable?


Cars, boats, people eaters, and moving pizza trucks!

. .

Snow Day!


December 11, 2014

Our class has been practicing a beautiful song, Grateful, for the winter concert. We're grateful to Pepper for teaching us sign language, and to all the kids for their hard work. Watch this song online  it's not our class but it is amazing!)

Grateful: A Love Song to the World, on KarmaTube