Curriculum Night

Hi there folks!

Welcome to a new academic year at Dundas Jr. P. S.  We're very excited about all of the learning we're going to be doing together this year and so far we're off to a great start.  One of the more exciting additions to our classroom is a Promethean Board.  An interactive whiteboard that opens up a lot of possibilities for integrating technology into our classroom's program. We acquired the board by submitting a grant to the Ministry of Education last year and were successful.  Already it is changing the way we learn here in room 241.  

I`d like to welcome to the class Ms. Kogas and Ms. Asante, both of whom are very experienced Child and Youth Workers.  I`m sure everyone will have an opportunity to meet them in person at some point during the school year.  

Attached below you will find links for printing out hand-outs at home.  I`ve included a hard copy of each of these documents in your curriculum night package. We ask that you hold onto documents in a safe place.  Should you lose or need a replacement copy, please visit this website and print yourself a copy.  

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me, should you wish to book an appointment or should you have any concerns that I can help with.

Here`s to a great year!

- Adam Smith

Curriculum Night Handout 2014-15.doc

Grade 1 Homework Calendars 2014 - 2015.pdf

Grade 2 Homework Calendars 2014 - 2015.pdf

Grade 3 Homework Calendars - 2014 - 2015.pdf


Our swimming days follow the schedule at Queen Alexandra Middle School.  Our day is on their Day 4.  Please keep and refer to the school year calendar provided.

Please note that swimming classes are a privilege. Swimming is not part of the standard curriculum, and is a sweet perk that students at Dundas enjoy due to our proximity to Queen A.  Students from Room 241 will be expected to meet their weekly goals an agreed upon number of times before being allowed to participate in swimming classes.  Further, swimming instructors have a 1 Strike Rule during swimming lessons.  Children will be expected to follow instructions and behave according to safety rules at all times.  There are no second chances. 

Participation for students is at the sole discretion of the swimming instructor as they are liable for your child's safety.  If they feel they cannot rely on your child to follow safety guidelines or instructions given, they will not allow your child to take part for the rest of the school year.  Students who find themselves banned from swimming classes will remain at Dundas and will be supervised while the rest of the class goes to swimming.  I cannot stress enough how important it is for children to understand this, and ask that parents and caregivers reinforce this message at home.  I would hate to see anyone excluded from participating due to poor choices.