School Uniform

    East York C.I. is a uniform school with a Uniform Dress Code for students. The objective of the uniform is to promote school pride and a stronger atmosphere for learning within a safe school environment. It is expected that students who attend EYCI understand, and follow all dress code expectations in the agenda.

General Information

  • Students must wear the EYCI uniform at all times during the school day (including lunch), to school related programs trips and events.

  • Only uniform clothing purchased through McCarthy’s., according to the order form for EYCI, is acceptable. All clothing must have the EYCI crest or insignia clearly visible. No substitutes are acceptable.

  • Clothing must be worn as originally purchased, and should be clean and neat.

  • Clothing purchased for EYCI teams or clubs is not part of the school uniform.

  • The Student Uniform Dress Code is part of the School Code of Conduct.

Student Dress Code "How the Uniform Must be Worn"

  • Any shirts worn under uniform clothing must be plain white. 

  • Hosiery must be a solid colour (black, navy, grey or white). Socks & tights are available for purchase in the uniform store.

  • Shorts must be the Halpern’s cotton khaki walking short or crested gym shorts and must be worn at the waist with a crested uniform top.

  • For gym class only, students must wear the EYCI grey gym T shirt and blue uniform gym shorts purchased through Halpern’s or the EYCI Phys. Ed. Dept. for gym classes. 

  • All drama students are expected to be in full EYCI Uniform at all times (before, during and after drama class)

  • Shoes are students' choice.

Other Clothing/Accessories

  • "No headgear of any description (baseball hats, bandannas, etc.) is allowed to be worn in school or at school functions. Religious requirements are the exception. 

  • Jeans and other non uniform pants (e.g. Dickies) are not acceptable school wear. 

  • Jeans, or “jeggings” are not permitted under school shorts or kilt. 

  • Coats must be kept in lockers during the school day, and taken out only to go outdoors. Coats or other outerwear (e.g. hoodies/sweaters) are not to be worn over the uniform in class or in school hallways.

Dress Code Infractions

  • Initial infractions addressed by staff. 

  • Clothing adjustment made in office to change/remove inappropriate clothing .

  • Referral to office and sign uniform log. 

  • Parental contact.

  • Sent home to change into uniform. 

  • Infraction letter and telephone contact with parents. 

  • VP Referral.

Student Uniform Dress Code Expectation Costs

  • Additional pieces can be purchased as the need arises. Heavier long sleeve sweaters and vests can be purchased as cold weather arrives.

  • Birthdays and other gift giving occasions are an excellent time for relatives and friends to give a new uniform piece. 

  • All uniform clothing is washable, durable and many pieces are wrinkle free.

  • Outgrown pieces can be passed down to younger siblings or acquaintances. 

  • Consistent pricing allows families to plan and manage expenses.

  • The office welcomes donations of gently used uniforms. Ordering Your EYCI Uniform Halpern’s Ltd. is a Canadian owned clothing company specializing in school apparel and known for its service, clothing wearability, guarantee and reasonable pricing.

Three Convenient Methods of Ordering

Online –; Call Centre – 1-800-668-8261; or In store – 12 Trojan Gate, Scarborough, ON