2023-2024 School Model

Approved 2023-2024 School Model

Every spring, our school’s Staffing Committee develops a school model for the next year based on projected student enrolment, our teacher and class allocation. The Staffing Committee develops a proposed model and shares it with school staff for feedback (Our school also shares it with Council Chairs for feedback). The school model is then reviewed and approved by our Superintendent.

Teacher and Class Allocation

26 Teachers 

18 classes

5 Kindergarten classes

9 Primary classes (Grades 1 to 3)

1 Grade 3/4 class (Mandated, capped at 23 students)

3 Junior classes (Grades 4 to 5)

0.5 English as a Second Language class

2.0 Special Education Resource

0.5 Library Resource

3.43 Prep

1.5 ESL Resource

No Allocation for:

  1. Vice-Principal
  2. Virtual Learning class

Projected Enrolment

Total projected enrolment is 425 students

86 Junior Kindergarten students

51 Senior Kindergarten students

67 Grade One students

60 Grade Two students

58 Grade Three students

54 Grade Four students

49 Grade Five students

Approved School Model

Five Kindergarten Classes

Two Grade 1 classes

Two Grade 1/2 classes

One Grade 2 class

Two Grade 2/3 classes

Two Grade 3 classes

One Grade 3/4 class

Three Grade 4/5 classes

What is the Rationale for the Approved 2023-2024 School Model?

It is very flexible and has many class placement options for new registrations, separating students into different classes for September and for moving students during the school year.

All primary (grade 1-3) classes are at or under the ministry mandated cap size. 

It has the mandated Grade 3/4 class and it is capped at 23 students.

There is balance (as much as possible) between the number of combined classes and regular classes.  

It encourages and supports teacher and grade team partnering between combined classes and between combined grade classes and regular classes grades.

It addresses our need to separate students entering Grade 4 and Grade 5 next year.

It creates a great opportunity for our Junior (Grade 4 and Grade 5) teachers to engage in team-teaching, co-teaching, sharing ideas/strategies, and programming together.