Welcome to Ms. Qazi's page

Welcome to Grade 1/2 Classroom Webpage!

Dates to remember:

Gr 2 trip to Hillside - Dec. 19th  
Winter Concert - Dec. 20th at 6:30

Grade ½, Language:
We are learning about reading strategies such as making connections and inferring. We are learning to write stories, and also working on recounts.
For the next few weeks, Grade 1/2 will be learning about how to write a letter and we will also focus on "how to" writing.

Grade 1, Math:
For the next while, our focus in math will be exploring, sorting, and building with shapes.

Try these activities with your child:
  • Ask your child to describe a shape of an object.
  • Ask your child to explain how two shapes are similar or different.
  • Challenge your child to check several shapes to see which one rolls, slide or stack.

Grade 2, Math:

Grade 2's are about to finish learning about the concept of Time and will be exploring the concept of Money. Telling time and using money involve important skills that student will use regularly outside school.

Things to try at home:
  • Have your child estimate the total cost of items and pay for a few items with coins when you go shopping together.
  • Practise counting sets of coins ( quarters, dimes, nickels).
Grade 1, Science:
We are learning about the Characteristics and Needs of Living things. Throughout this unit, students will learn & investigate about the basic needs of animals and plants and how they depend on the environment for these basic needs.

Grade 2, Science:
They are working on an animal research project which students have already selected their animal.  

Other Photos:
 Eco Ambassadors using iPads to learn more about Waste Management