Choose from one of our three Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM);

  • ICT
Take advantage of the opportunity to focus on a career path that matches your skills and interests while allowing you to earn an Ontario Secondary School Di ploma. Earn valuable industry certifications including first aid/CPR and gain important practical skills through a co-operative education placement specific to your chosen SHSM. Complete all the requirements of your SHSM and earn a specially recognized seal on your Diploma!

Aerospace & Aviation

Aviation and Aerospace program SHSM focuses on building theoretical and practical experience in the aviation field with courses ranging from aerospace engineering, light aircraft maintenance, and electronics to technological design. Recent graduates have pursued careers as Pilots, Aerospace Engineers, Ai r Traffic Controllers, Aviation Technicians, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Flight Engineers and in Air Safety and Instrumentation and Control. SHSM stude nts enrolled in the Aviation & Aerospace SHSM complement their academic learning with a co-op work experience, earn a variety of aviation based certifi cations and participate in reach-ahead activities that complement the curriculum.


ADVANCE is a specialized program that turns visual art students into the innovators and inventors of tomorrow. Students learn how to make games, make apps, and create their own interactive devices. Students are encouraged to design and prototype new products and ways of expression. ADVANCE experi ences and training are provided by prominent art industry partners, giving students the skills they need to start their own business or get ahead in visual ar t careers as diverse as game creation, fashion, architecture, and animation. ADVANCE students̢۪ experiences can also be diverse and multidisciplinary and some have even found this useful in fields such as engineering. ADVANCE is taking high school art to the next level. Learn more visit ADVANCE: www.adva



ICT: Information and Communication Technology is the sector that processes information using electronic systems. The ICT sector continues to transform our economy and everyday life. Core industries in this sector include: Communications systems (e.g., telecommunications, cable/broadband, broadcasting, and other program distribution systems); Computer systems (e.g., computer engineering, technical support, electronics, robotics, network engineering); Sof tware and digital media (e.g., computer programming, computer and video games, simulations, computer animation, data management, web design, web portals, and Internet security).Students choose a bundle of Grade 11 and Grade 12 courses in their choice of technical areas: Computer Engineering, Comp uter Hardware, Programming and Networking. SHSM students enrolled in the ICT complement their academic learning with a co-op work experience, ear n a variety of ICT based certifications and participate in reach-ahead activities that complement the curriculum.

  • C++
  • Python
  • Networking
  • Hardware
  • Programming