Welcome to Media Literacy with Mrs. Panksep!

September 2015 update!

My name is Mrs. Panksep and I am the teacher-librarian at H.A. Halbert.  I'm so excited about the year ahead...learning along side our students and of course inspiring the love of reading! We have many things to look forward to like contests, a fundraising book fair, an author and professional storyteller visit and let's not forget about the incredibly popular Forest of Reading program! 

We've had a great start to September! Students have received an opening orientation to the library - learning where different books are located (e.g., Picture Books, Fiction, Non-Fiction), how to handle books appropriately and how to choose books that meet their individual reading level. In the weeks ahead students will continue to learn the skills of becoming independent library patrons - exploring the Dewey Decimal System and how to use to the online Library Catalogue.

Next week students will receive a letter and bookmark detailing how to use the Halbert Library Website. This is an incredibly helpful website for students and parents alike! Website links for skill building across the curriculum subjects as well as homework help and online databases for research are just a few of the reasons Halbert families should become familiar with this site. (Just in case the bookmark doesn't make it home, please see the beginning pages of your child's agenda to learn more about our website). 

In addition to facilitating book exchange, I will be teaching all students in Grades 1-3 the Media Literacy strand of the Language program and Music.

Please view the schedule below to determine the book exchange day for your child's class.

From January 2015 Media/Library Update

Our Halbert students continue to learn the skills of identifying the purpose and audience of a variety of media texts. Students in Gr. 1-3 recently completed an intensive look at cereal packaging – a very familiar media text for many children. Students created a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast the differences between 2 different cereals, worked as a group to de-construct the elements of a given cereal box, and finally designed a cereal box of their own that was intended for a specific audience. Here are a few final products from our students!

A deconstructed cereal boxDeepika - Gr. 3 Swadana - Gr. 2

Our Junior students in Grades 4-6 have become experts in identifying different media tricks used by advertisers! The picture book Have I got a book For you! by Melanie Watt (Scaredy Squirrel fame) was used as a mentor text for students to begin the conversation around this topic! Once identifying these tricks and learning some more sophisticated terms such as "bandwagon" and "testimonials", students examined a variety of t.v. commercials to spot the different tricks being used. As a final assignment, students worked in groups to create a 2 minute t.v. commercial for a "must have" product that included at least 3 different media tricks. The commercials were creative and often included humour - a strategy used by many advertisers! As one class can tell you, I laughed so hard it brought me to tears! Well done, juniors!

Introducing the new “Super Cat Scrubber” by Kaitlyn R. (Gr. 6)! With this remote control cat, you can enjoy the benefits of being a pet owner AND clean your floors at the same time! Way to use the “ multiple uses for one product” media trick, Kaitlyn!