Mrs. Kryzanowski's Korner

Monday, April 18th, 2016

We seem to be having trouble with our class website. When we sit together to update it in class with our new spelling words for the week, it does not always load the website properly and so we create a word document instead and try to cut and paste at a later time. If ever you don’t find this week’s spelling words on the site, that is the reason. Sorry for any confusion this might cause.

Anyways, here are this week’s words…

Grade 3

1.  March

2.  July

3.  May

4.  September

5.  January

6.  April

7.  June

8.  November

9.  August

10. February

11. October

12. December

Grade 2

1.  girl

2.  fort

3.  turn

4.  first

5.  more

6.  hurt

7.  dirt

8.  store

9.  short

10.  burn

Welcome back to school. I hope everybody had a restful and relaxing March Break. It is always wonderful to spend time with family and friends. Just a quick reminder that we only have a 4 day school week this week, there is no school on Friday, March 25th and Monday, March 28th due to Easter weekend, so this week's spelling test will be on Thursday instead.

Here are this week’s spelling words.

Grade 3

1. rice

2. silence

3. sauce

4. place

5. spice

6. center

7. juice

8. erase

9. pencil

10. since

Grade 2

1. spin

2. slip

3. slam

4. sled

5. speak

6. slide

7. sport

8. spill

9. spoon

10. slice

Monday, March 7th, 2016

Here are this week's spelling words...

Grade 2

1.   free

2.   bright

3.   from

4.   brush

5.   break (be careful about 'brake')

6.   frog

7.   broom

8.   fresh

9.   front

10.  bread

Grade 3

1.   splash

2.   strip

3.   strong

4.   spray

5.   stream

6.   spring

7.   split

8.   sprout

9.   spread

10. strange

Friday, February 26th, 2016

We started working on Black History Month projects in class this week. Each student chose one person they wanted to learn about and read a biography of their life and accomplishments. Students wrote down important facts and information about the person they were studying and many students have already found pictures on the internet (Google Images is a great source) to include in their final project. 

While families have some time over the weekend, it would be great if students were able to find and print images of their historical figure and bring them to school on Monday. Students are also welcome to buy a piece of bristol board to display their final projects. We will be assembling our projects next week in class, so it would be helpful if all materials were here on Monday so we can get started.

The following is a list of people students have chosen to do their projects on in case students have forgotten who they should be printing images of.

Rosa Parks

Louis Armstrong

Scott Joplin

Jackie Robinson

Daniel Hale Williams

Bessie Coleman

Harriet Tubman

Matthew Henson

George Washington Carver

Jesse Owens

Marian Anderson

Andrew Foster

Have fun printing and researching!

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

Well it's been a busy and confusing 2 weeks with interviews, a P.A. Day and then Family Day all in quick succession - add in PEP and we're all a little bit out of routine, so let's try to get back on track!

Here are this week's spelling words, the students wrote them down on Tuesday, but they didn't make it up on our class website until today. Spelling test for these words is tomorrow, we're going to do the spelling test for last week's words later this morning.

Words for this week...

Grade 2

1.  cry

2.  pine

3.  light

4.  nice

5.  why

6.  find

7.  right

8.  spy

9.  spider

10. night

Grade 3

1.  because

2.  talk

3.  lawn

4.  frost

5.  dawn

6.  paw

7.  thaw

8.  caught

9.  across

10. stalk

Monday, February 1st, 2016

Here are our spelling words for this week...

Grade 2

1.   ask

2.   camp

3.   wing

4.   desk 

5.   sting

6.   jump

7.   lamp

8.   bring

9.   dump

10.  ramp

Grade 3

1.   point

2.   noise

3.   voice

4.   enjoy

5.   join

6.   loyal

7.   annoy

8.   choice

9.   spoil

10. avoid

Monday, January 25th, 2016

Here are our spelling words for this week.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the students' spelling tests from last Friday back to them today. I will hand them back tomorrow and students will bring them home to review with you. As always, please remember to sign your child's spelling test so I know that you have seen it :-)

Grade 2

1.   plum

2.   glass

3.   bloom 

4.   glow

5.   glad

6.   plan

7.   block

8.   plot

9.   glove

10.  plant 

Grade 3

1.   making

2.   shining

3.   hiked

4.   having

5.   hoped

6.   skated

7.   hiding

8.   baked

9.   diving

10.  riding

Monday, January 18th, 2016

Thanks so much for helping students to remember to bring their 5 minute math folders back, we had almost everybody return them today - great job!

Quick reminder as well that this Friday is a P.A. Day - there is no school for students, I hope you enjoy a wonderful long weekend!

Here are this week's spelling words...

Grade 3

1.   letter

2.   dollar

3.   happen

4.   better

5.   rabbit

6.   hammer

7.   soccer

8.   dinner

9.   zipper

10.  ladder

Grade 2

1.   drop

2.   trap

3.   dry

4.   grin

5.   drum

6.   trip

7.   grip

8.   trick 

9.   try

10.  dress

Friday, January 15th, 2016

Starting today, students will be bringing home their 5 minute math folders.  5 minute math is a quick activity that we have started since returning from Winter Break that helps students to improve their speed and accuracy with single-digit addition and subtraction before moving on to double-digit addition and subtraction as well as multiplication. Please take a few minutes to review the folder with your child every weekend and it would be great if you could help them with any areas they are having difficulty with. Students will be asked to please return the folders every Monday so that they can file the upcoming week’s work.

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Grade 2 Spelling Words

1.  pen

2.  met

3.  rest

4.  send

5.  yet

6.  tell

7.  them

8.  went

9.  best

10. mess

Grade 3 Spelling Words

1.   settle

2.   eagle

3.   rattle

4.   saddle

5.   cattle

6.   middle

7.   ripple

8.   turtle

9.   single

10. pebble

Monday, December 14th, 2015

Spelling words for the last week before Winter Break!

Grade 2

1.   fast

2.   list

3.   band

4.   past

5.   fist

6.   pond

7.   list

8.   stand

9.   cast

10. stack

Grade 3

1.  cool

2.  rule

3.  lose

4.  noon

5.  true

6.  move

7.  mood

8.  grew

9.  clue

10. scoop

Enjoy the last few days before we break for 2 weeks of well-deserved rest!

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Spelling words for this week are as follows..

Grade 2 (short o sound)

1.  hop

2.  lot

3.  jog

4.  got

5.  dog

6.  spot

7.  off

8.  lost

9.  soft

10. long

Grade 3 (long a and long o sounds - ai, ay, a_e, oa, o_e)

1.  goal

2.  fail

3.  away

4.  most

5.  alone

6.  awake

7.  chose

8.  crayon

9.  coach

10. raise

In other classroom happenings...

On Friday, we put together boxes to hold our food donation items.  We've had a great response so far and have collected many food items for needy families in our community. If I can figure out how to get the photos off my phone, I will post them on our website in the next day or two. We have a friendly competition going on at school to see which class can bring in the most food items, each item is worth a given point value, generally 25 or 50 points. As of right now, our class has 825 points but we need your help to catch up to classes that have almost 3000 points! Please raid your cupboards and see if you can find any more food to bring in, we have the rest of this week to be able to collect points and hopefully win the pizza party for our class. Any and all non-perishable food items are greatly appreciated :-)

Please note that there was a list of most-needed food items that went out via e-mail a week or so ago, any class that brings in an item from each category will win books for their class. We only have a few items left to complete our categories, they are...

granola bars


100% fruit juice


baby cereal

Let's see if we can come from behind and bring in more food donation items than any other class!

Thursday, November 26th, 2015

We would like to have all of our parents connected to be able to receive texts and/or e-mails about important things going on in our class and around our school.  I would like to try out the Remind App to send quick notes to our students and families.  To subscribe, please text the message @mrskryz to the phone number (647) 560-1181 (this is not my cell phone number, it is a phone number generated by the Remind service) or send an e-mail to (you can leave the subject line blank) and I hope to send out a test message early next week. There is no need to download the Remind App on your smartphone to receive messages (but if you'd prefer to subscribe that way too, feel free to go ahead).  If you have trouble subscribing, please let me know and I'll see if we can figure it out together. Rest assured there is a built-in privacy feature in Remind that maintains the privacy of your cell phone number, if you do not already have your cell phone number listed in your child's contact information or if you did not give it to me at the beginning of the school year, the Remind app will not share the phone number with me.

Thanks in advance for your participation :-)

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

Spelling tests were distributed back to students this morning, they will be bringing them home tonight.  Please take a moment to review the test with your child and sign to indicate that you have seen it.  I will be looking for signatures every week after a spelling test.

As promised, here are this week's spelling words...

Grade 2

1.   pin

2.   sit

3.   fix

4.   will

5.   zip

6.   dish

7.   his

8.   rip

9.   hid

10. wish

Grade 3

1.  else

2.  buzz

3.  finish

4.  head

5.  summer

6.  lift

7.  ready

8.  visit

9.  fence

10. live (rhymes with give)

Monday, November 16th, 2015

We have had a good chance to settle into the routines and expectations of a new school year and will now be starting our weekly spelling programme. I will be posting the grade 2 and grade 3 spelling lists here every week just in case your child forgot to bring the words home on Monday.  We will begin each week with a pre-test where students will have the opportunity to assess how well they know this week's words.  We will be sure to include correct spellings beside our pre-test and then have students bring the paper home on Monday evenings.  Please take a few minutes to review each week's word list with your child and spend time preparing for our weekly spelling test on Fridays.

Here are this week's lists...

Grade 2             Grade 3

1. has             1. bath

2. man            2. hobby

3. ham            3. than

4. hat              4. damp

5. pan             5. bottle 

6. mad            6. lots

7. as               7. trash

8. jam             8. flock

9. bad             9. pocket

10. pat           10. flap

Happy Studying!

September 11th

We've had a great first week!  We're starting to get settled in to new routines (along with a few changes due to the work that is going on around our school yard and on our roof), and now we're ready to get going - full-steam ahead!

One of the things we've talked a lot about this week in class is waste-management. Why not get the year started out on the right foot and supporting the idea of nutrition, reusable containers, and boomerang lunches?

I have introduced a compost bin into our classroom for the first time this year and the kids and I have been diligent about putting our organic waste into the bin. Check out our organic waste from our snacks this week...

We got our plastic gloves on, dumped it out and look at everything we found...

We now have a handy list to help us remember what kinds of things can go in our compost bucket...

We dumped our garbage next, partly to see what was in there, but also to see if we could divert any of our garbage to either recycling or compost. This is all of our classroom garbage for the first 4 days of school. Do you see anything that shouldn't be there?

We separated out the tissues (compost) and drink box (recycling), then put all the foil bags to one side...

and this is what we had left...

We weren't too sure about what was left, but we're determined to find out!

Finally, I issued a challenge to our students for over the weekend....

While grocery shopping with families, try to make a more concentrated effort to purchase school snack items that do not come in foil-lined wrappers or bags.  For example, instead of purchasing 'snack-packs' of crackers, try buying a family-size box and then putting a handful of crackers in a plastic baggie or reusable container for snack.

Let's see if we can change some of our waste-management habits and reduce the amount of waste we produce while encouraging our kids to eat fresh fruits and vegetables for snacks whenever possible :-)

September 9th, 2015

I found these water bottles at Dollarama Cliffcrest last night. I almost bought the minion bottle for myself!

September 8th, 2015

Welcome to our class website. Please be sure to check back regularly for updates to our class calendar, important information about school events, news about what is going on in our classroom, and photos of our kids hard at work and enjoying a variety of learning activities.

Our September calendar will be forthcoming once I have a few dates plugged in, I will be updating all calendars regularly as we know more dates so please scroll down periodically throughout the month to check for any additions.

To get us started, I promised to post a few pics of water bottles that work well for use in class to help you shop in case you haven't already picked one up for the year, and so here they are...

I found these cute little bottles at the Walmart on Eglinton (between Markham and Bellamy Rd)

I found these at Dollarama at Kennedy and Lawrence, I haven't been in to Dollarama at Cliffcrest in a few days, but I'll check for the other bottles that I really liked last year that several of my kids picked up from here.

March 3rd, 2015

After a long and cold winter, it would seem Spring is finally almost here (though today's snowstorm could've fooled anybody!).  

Attached below is the calendar for March.  I will be sure to add more info as it becomes known.

As we head into March Break (and hopefully some warmer weather!) and get ready for 'the last third' of the school year, we will be working hard to solidify our learning from this school year as the grade 3 students prepare to leave the primary division in order to become 'Junior Students' next year!

One of the things I have elected to continue from when Ms. Norman was filling in for me is the much-loved '5 Minute Math'. Some of you might have performed a similar task when you in school (I remember 'La Minute Folle' from my days in grade 5 french immersion fondly!) - students were given a paper containing between 50 and 100 questions of math (single-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) and their job was to complete as many as possible in 5 minutes. Our students LOVE the challenge!

I have elected to modify it slightly and alternate between 5 and 10 minute math depending on the task (5 minutes for 48 questions of either single-digit addition or subtraction and 10 minutes for 40 or 48 questions of double-digit addition or subtraction, regrouping included in both, single-digit multiplication or division).  I will be looking for the students to bring their folders home every weekend (to be returned to school on Monday morning please) to share with you what they have accomplished and how they have improved their accuracy and/or speed over the week.  l would appreciate if you would review any necessary concepts or procedures with your child and help to reinforce that 'improvement over time' is valued over 'perfection'. 

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming days and weeks...

March 2015











Parent Council









Family Literacy Night






March Break

No School


March Break

No School


March Break

No School


March Break

No School


March Break

No School




First day back to school









November 17th, 2014

It was great to get a chance to speak with so many of you during Parent/Teacher conferences last week.  Your commitment to your child's education was very much evident and is always appreciated.

Our first snowfall has arrived about a week earlier than usual, thank you for ensuring your children have the winter clothing necessary for Canada's frigid temperatures. I was encouraged to see that so many students brought indoor shoes today as they are important for keeping our classroom floor clean, dry, and safe for everybody. It is expected that students will leave a pair of indoor shoes at school from now until late-March or early-April (depending on the weather). If you'd prefer that the shoes your child brought today not be left at school, please help them choose another pair that can be left until Spring.

It was great to see waterproof boots, gloves, hats, scarves, and snow pants today as those are the items that will help keep children clean, dry, and comfortable throughout the school day.

With the arrival of snow, our routines regarding entry and dismissal will differ from what they have been up until this point in the school year.

From now through early-mid April, we will use doors alternative to our outside classroom door for entry in the morning, recess, as well as dismissal in the afternoon.

Entry in the morning will now be from the kindergarten doors leading into the Junior Yard (Exit 7A) and children will be dismissed through the front door of the classroom (leading into the school hallway).  You are welcome to wait in the school hallway beginning at about 3:25 in order to meet your children as they are dismissed.

Please note that our November calendar has been updated to reflect a few more important dates.

Also, permission forms for the Vision Clinic excursion on Wednesday were distributed to all students identified (about 6 from our class) and are due back tomorrow in order for your children to be able to go to Charles Gordon Sr. P.S.

November 3rd, 2014

Sorry it's a few days late, but here's the calendar for November.  Only a few dates of note so far, but I'll update as I know more.

November 2014






































Remembrance Day



Parent Council



Interviews (Evening)


PA Day for













Scholastic Orders Due


Vision Clinic Excursion Permission Forms Due


Vision Clinic Excursion














Pizza Lunch














October 17th, 2014

I promised students I would put up a few examples of open number lines to help them explain to their parents what we've been working on in class over the last few days. 

One of the curriculum expectations in grade 3 math is that students demonstrate the ability to solve addition and subtraction problems using a variety of strategies.  While many adults in their lives learned only the standard algorithm (see below), there are other methods that are equally effective in helping to solve such problems.

Standard Algorithm                    


+  12                                            


Before venturing into open number lines, we explored base ten drawings in order to help students develop a better understanding of hundreds, tens, and ones along with regrouping or 'trading' (what many adults think of as 'carrying the 1' in the case of addition or 'borrowing' in the case of subtraction).

Base Ten Drawing                                         

   24          l l . . . .

+ 12            l . .


Click below to access the curriculum highlights for Grade 3

October 2014





























Thanksgiving Holiday

No School


Scholastic Orders Due








Photo Orders Due


Pizza  Orders Due




Pizza Lunch






Photo Retakes

9-10 a.m.


Vision Screening