Student Clubs & Councils

Student Clubs and Committees

These activities welcome new members at all times.  Simply contact the teacher advisor to find out when and where the next meeting will be!  Have fun! Get involved!

ABC (Anti-Bullying Committee): A. Witt

Aquaponics: K. Carver

Art Club: S. Ross

Badminton Club: M. Harrison

Band, Beginner: T. Alberts

Band, Jr. Concert: B. Martin

Band, Intermediate: T. Alberts

Bent on Change: M. Erickson & G. Smith

Beyhive: L. Anthony

Bike Club: D. Ast

Business Club: B. Goldkind

Camera Club: S. Ross & G. Smith

Camp Tiger Way: A. Witt

Cheer Squad: T. Mantchenko

Chemistry Club: T. Mantchenko & V. Persad

Christian Fellowship Club: D. Leblanc

Club Euclid: B. Townsend

Coding for Beginners Club: K. Lew

Computer Science Club: M. Baudisch-McCabe

Debating Society: B. Goldkind & M. Harrison

DECA: L. Mora

East Asian Culture Club: R. Chao

Eco-Team: K. Carver

Film Club: T. Alberts

Free Thinkers' Drummer Federation: T. Alberts 

French Club: I. Montarras & J. Steele

Fun Fit: A. MacLeod

GEAR (Gender Equity and Rights): L. McCalla & T. Manchenko

Greek Club: T. Manchenko & V. Persad

Guitar Club: V. Lopes

Harbord Athletic Council (HAC): B. Gurney & M. Sturgeon

Harbord Club Museum Volunteers: D. Leblanc & B. Felix

Harbord Fish Club: K. Carver

Harbord Leadership Council: D. Ast

Harbord Singers: P. Feng

HERstory: T. Dovell & G. Joseph & Y. Narula

HOSA: N. Cheung

Japanese Culture Club: B. Townsend

Jewish Cultural Club: B. Goldkind

Junior Science Club: T. Manchenko & V. Persad

KEY Club: S. Sue

Library Council: G. Joseph & B. Steele

Library Volunteer Club: B. Steele

Music Appreciation Club: T. Alberts

Music Council: B. Martin      

Orchestra: B. Martin       

Peer Leaders: D. Ast & R. Chao & D. Le Blanc

Physics Club: J. Liu & T. Manchenko & V. Persad

Pink Ribbon Society: B. Goldkind

Poetry Club: A. Magney

Portuguese Club: V. Lopes

Prom Committee: B. Felix

Robotics: K. Lew & K. Maguire & J. P. Plaza

SAC (Student Activity Council): V. Persad

School Play: A. Garner-Pringle & N. Probst

Sears Festival: C. Johnston & N. Probst

SLIC (Students Leading Initiatives for Change): D. Ast

Spanish Club: I. Ayala 

Sr. Jazz Combo - B. Martin

Stop the Stigma: R. Pieniniemi

String Ensemble, Sinior: B. Martin

String Orchestra, Beginner: B. Martin

String Orchestra (Jr.): B. Martin

Swim Club: D. Purchas

Taiko Drumming Club: I. Ayala & M. Zhou & D. Le Blanc

Team Unbreakable: D. Le Blanc

Theatre Collective: M. Kunnas

Tiger Tech: V. Persad

Tiger Talk (School Newspaper): A. Garner-Pringle & C. Williams

Tigerline Announcement Team: S. Sue

Tutoring Centre:  H. Kim, R. Kunz & G. Smith

WACC (Whole of Africa and Caribbean Culture Club):  G. Joseph, M. Kunnas & G. Smith

Weight Room: A. Garner-Pringle & H. Gehrmann & J. Steele & N. Vavougios

Young Scientists of Harbord: R. Kunz & N. Cheung

Athletic Teams

Badminton Team: I. Ayala & M. Harrison

Baseball: M. Harrison & G. Smith

Basketball, Varsity Girls:  M. Sturgeon

Basketball, Junior Boys: TBA

Basketball, Senior Boys: N. Vavougios

Cross Country Running: M. Bauer & D. Leblanc

Field Hockey, Varsity Girls: K. Faulconbridge & L. Varone

Hockey, Boys: M. Csepreghi

Hockey, Girls: D. Le Blanc

Rugby: A. Magney & D. Purchas

Rugby 7s, Junior Boys: A. Magney

Rugby 7s, Senior Boys: A. Magney

Soccer, Varsity Girls: A. MacLeod

Soccer, Junior Boys: N. Vavougios

Soccer, Senior Boys: D. Purchas

Softball, Girls: TBA

Swimming: D. Purchas

Tennis: D. Lee & L. McCalla

Track and Field: V. Persad

Ultimate Frisbee: M. Bauer & D. Leblanc

Volleyball, Junior Girls: B. Gurney L. McCalla

Volleyball, Senior Girls: B. Gurney

Volleyball, Junior Boys: B. Gurney & S. Sue

Volleyball, Senior Boys: B. Gurney: S. Sue

Volleyball, Co-ed: B. Gurney

Wrestling: S. Ross & A. Witt

Business Club

Business Department