Class of 2020

Class of 2020

Dear Member of the Class of 2020: Well graduate, this is your last student bulletin of your secondary school experience. This is obviously not the way you should be finishing up high school and our hearts go out to all of you. We are, however, so proud of how you have handled the last three months. You are so strong, resilient and brave. All students have had to be this way, but none more so than our grade 12’s. I remember walking around to home forms in September and saying to you, enjoy your final year of high school because before you know it, it will be June. I also encouraged you to enjoy the ride and not just to focus on the marks. To enjoy every experience – initial applications to college or university, visits to post-secondary institutions, your final Semi, your last year as a member of a school team or club, the selection of Prom dresses and suits, Promposals, booking a limousine, the pressing of that radio button on the OUAC website selecting your program and university of choice and finally, the first June Commencement in Harbord’s history (as voted by the Class of 2020). While you did not get to enjoy all of these events as planned, I believe that in the absence of some of these experiences, you may have learned more about yourself than you would have, if it had not been for a global pandemic. You can manage learning on your own, you can overcome difficult situations, you are strong, resilient and brave. You are an amazing person and you are well prepared for your next life adventure. You are Tiger Strong! Included in this special bulletin to the Class of 2020 are some special offers of celebration. Please enjoy the following letter and videos; one from a famous Harbord alumni and musician, and the other from a not so famous Harbord staff member and budding musician…. Max Kerman (The Arkells) and David Lee (Biology Teacher).

Please make sure that Harbord has a current address for your home, as next week there may be a special delivery coming your way! If your address has changed, please let the school know first thing Monday morning. The office staff and Admin will be here to take your call. And finally, we are ever hopeful that sometime in the not too distant future, we will be able to reunite and celebrate with you at a proper Commencement ceremony. We want nothing more to send you on your way with our best wishes and hope for a bright and adventurous future. Thank you for challenging us, for making us laugh (and sometimes cry) and for being you.

Take care and stay safe until we meet again ... Cynthia Abernethy

Max Kerman (The Arkells)



David Lee (Biology Teacher)


Awards Winners Class of 2020

  • Governor General's Medal - Kenneth Tran
  • Harbord Club Hugh MacDonald Award - Kenneth Tran
  • Harbord Club Sidney Caplan Award - Julian Lapenna
  • Harbord Club J. Hamilton Adams Award - Nikola Reko
  • Harbord Club Harold Wellington Hill Award - William Law
  • Harbord Club Lily Wolfstod Rebick Award - Sander Miller-Murphy
  • Harbord Club Maxwell Goldhar Memorial Award - Serena Chiu
  • Harbord Club Charlie Davidson Award - Winnie Lai & Samia Seid
  • Harbord Club Alfie Adler Award - Kayla Rodrigues Goncalves
  • Harbord Club Victor L. Van Der Hout Award - Vivien Hoang & Sebastien Cape
  • Harbord Club Hilkka Filppula Award - Alyssa Jain
  • Harbord Club Albert “Tubby” Cole Award - Spiros Bekiaris
  • Harbord Club Stapleton Caldecott Award - Camille Humphrey
  • Harbord Club The Peter “Bubba” Miller Award - Andronika Kelso
  • Harbord Club Bob Wilson Award - David Chu
  • Harbord Club Hy & Zel’s Corporate Award - Elizabeth Chung
  • Harbord Club R.R. H. Bud Page Award - Natasha Povoa-Resendes & Meghan Spence
  • Harbord Club Cecil J. Wilkins Award - Grace Dochau
  • Harbord Club Carrie M. Knight Award - Julian Lapenna
  • Harbord Club Class of 1966 Award - Anthony Than Poovong & Rafee Rahman
  • Harbord Club Ellen Cole Award - Sarah Wenger & Sophie Song
  • Harbord Club Marvin Lichtenfeld Award - Alanna Naseer
  • Harbord Club Hinton Family Character Award - Shana Chen
  • Harbord Club ICE Award - Andrew Tan
  • Harbord Club Frances E. Parkin Award - Russell Li
  • Harbord Club Brian S. McCool Award - Breanna Seto
  • Harbord Club Renata Todros Senior Music Award - Ismail Mohamed
  • Harbord Club John R. Frizzell Award - Ephraim Hildebrand
  • Harbord Club Hank Stratton Award - Emily Nguyen
  • Harbord Club Willie Zimmerman Award - Macy DeLuca
  • Harbord Club Victor Weinberg Award - Jade Battistuzzi
  • Harbord Club Roberto Machado Award - Adda Epstein-Shapiro
  • Harbord Club Carol E. Michelin Award - Victoria Adarkwa
  • Harbord Club Bright Penny Award - Adda Epstein-Shapiro & Khalid Hussein
  • Harbord Club Frankie Chu Award - Jorin Lyall & Rennier Silva
  • Harbord Club 120th Anniversary Scholarship Award - Lindsey Gallagher
  • Harbord Club Class of 1968 Award - Adda Epstein-Shapiro
  • Optima/Optimus Award - Savita Gellatly-Ladd & Sebastien Cape & Kenneth Tran
  • Wanda Krane Award - Lateefah Abdoulaye
  • OPC Principal’s Award for Student Leadership Award - Daniel Tareke
  • Harbord Collegiate Visual Arts Award - Emma Kwun Morfitt
  • Harbord Collegiate Black Excellence Award - Leah Legesse & Aphason Aberham
  • Shirley Sue Kiwanis Club of Casa Loma Service Scholarship - Serena Chiu
  • Valedictorian - Andronika Kelso



Trustee's Message to the Class of 2020

Class of 2020 Trustee