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School Council Newsletter 2023/24 #8


School Council Newsletter 2023/24 #7

  • Minutes from January's School Council meeting
  • Outdoor Clothing Reminder
  • The Big Chill
  • Toy Sale info
  • Request for containers
  • Yearbook photo submission code
  • Fundraising Update
  • February Reminders



School Council Newsletter 2023/24 #6

  • January meeting info and agenda
  • Mini'Lude info and call for volunteers
  • The Big Chill info and call for volunteers
  • Have Your Say Survey Part 2 coming soon
  • Call for Yearbook photos
  • Provincial Budget Consultation



School Council Newsletter 2023/24 #5

  • Minutes from November's Meeting
  • Winter Concert: Thanks and Congratulations
  • Message from the Teachers: Dress for the Weather
  • Mini'Lude: Save the Date (and possibly your tree!)
  • The Big Chill: Save the Date
  • December and January Reminders


School Council Newsletter 2023/24 #4

  • Info and agenda for November's School Council meeting
  • Movie Night reminders
  • Fresh From the Farm pick up reminder
  • Open House reminder
  • Volunteering: Movie Night, Fresh from the Farm and more
  • Request for used holiday cards
  • Community Circle info


School Council Newsletter 2023/24 #3

  • Minutes from the October meeting
  • The School Council Budget for 2023/24
  • Fundraising and Community Support
  • HPAS Movie Night: November 24th!
  • Fresh From the Farm pick up date: November 23rd
  • Call for Volunteers for Movie Night, Fresh From the Farm and more
  • HPAS Reads: Turn in those Bingo Cards!
  • HPAS Reads: Moonbeam Books report
  • Fall Festival Report
  • November Reminders


School Council Newsletter 2023/24 #2

  • Minutes from September's School Council Meeting
  • Info and Agenda for October's School Council Meeting
  • Fall Festival
  • HPAS Reads: Bingo Cards explained (and linked)
  • HPAS Reads: Prizes!
  • HPAS Reads: Moonbeam Books Wine and Cheese Registration
  • Call for Volunteers
  • Curriculum Night 
  • Picture Day (vs HPAS Yearbook Photos Day)
  • ASCAC and Parents as Partners
  • Spooky Science!


School Council Newsletter 2023/24 #1

  • September Meeting Agenda and Info
  • Safety Issue with Garden Bins
  • HPAS Reads Pizza and Picnic Night
  • Pizza Lunch 
  • Fundraiser: Fresh From the Farm launching
  • Fundraiser: FlipGive
  • School Council Surveys
  • Fall Festival
  • Volunteers Needed
  • October Reminders


School Council Newsletter 2022/23 #17

  • June's School Council Meeting Minutes
  • Volunteer Opportunities for Next Year
  • Request for Grad Family Contact for Fall Festival Reunion
  • Congrats to Our Grads
  • Valedictorian Address
  • The Grade 7/8 Class Water Documentary
  • Volunteers Needed this summer - School Garden Watering
  • FlipGive Info for Summer
  • Thanks to this year's volunteers
  • Thank Yous and How to Unsubscribe

School Council Newsletter 2022/23 #16

  • Info and agenda for School Council's June meeting
  • Play Day info and updates
  • Graduation Ceremony invite
  • Yearbook ordering info for home delivery or digital
  • Genius Hour: The History of HPAS
  • Pizza Lunch Coordinator needed for 2023/24 school year
  • The Mysteries of HPAS Council Storage

School Council Newsletter 2022/23 #15

  • May Meeting Minutes
  • Graduation Invitation and Call for Day-Of Volunteers
  • Yearbook Ordering Info
  • Spring High Park Walk - POSTPONED!
  • May Ravina Gardens Clean-Up and Play Date
  • Play Day Updates, Call for Day-of Volunteers and Cool Down Zone
  • Election Committee call
  • June Reminders

School Council Newsletter 2022/23 #14

  • Minutes from April's Council Meeting
  • Info and Agenda for May's Council Meeting
  • Yearbook ordering info
  • Community Circle survey
  • May High Park Walk and May Ravina Play Date info
  • Play Day info and call for day of volunteers
  • Play Day Cool Down Zone consultation survey
  • Library Learning Commons Update
  • Plantables
  • Recipes website link 

School Council Newsletter 2022/23 #13 

School Council Newsletter 2022/23 #12 

  • Spring Community Circle info
  • Plantables
  • April Ravina Gardens Play Date and Park Clean-Up
  • Yearbook Cover Contest (last call)
  • That's Not Me! Parent workshop info
  • Volunteers needed: STEM Night
  • Recipes for Earth Month

School Council Newsletter 2022/23 #11

  • Pizza Lunch update 
  • That's Not Me online workshop for parents and caregivers
  • World Water Day report and Earth Hour
  • Yearbook Cover Contest reminder
  • Volunteer Sign-Up reminder
  • April Reminders

School Council Newsletter 2022/23 #10

  • February School Council Meeting Minutes
  • The Big Chill Wrap Up
  • High Park Winter Walk: March 5th
  • Fall Festival Community Brainstorm session
  • Yearbook cover contest
  • That's Not Me!: Online Workshop for Parents/Caregivers 
  • Call for Volunteers for Winter and Spring Events
  • Young Women on the Move - Speakers Wanted
  • Fundraising: FlipGive info, Pizza Lunch update and Plantables coming up
  • March Reminders

School Council Newsletter 2022/23 #9

  • February's Council Meeting Agenda
  • The Big Chill
  • Registration link for High Park Winter Walk
  • Call for Photos from Fall and Winter Events
  • Call for Input: 2023 Fall Festival
  • African Heritage Month 2023: Black Joy
  • Backyard Bird Count

School Council Newsletter 2022/23 - #8

  • Minutes from our January Meeting
  • 2023/23 Admissions Information
  • Our Winter Community Circle Report, Thanks and Links
  • The Big Chill Update **DATE CHANGE** 
  • Our Next Park Play Date: High Park Winter Walk
  • National Sweater Day
  • TDSB Excellence Awards
  • February Reminders

School Council Newsletter 2022/23 - #7

  • Info and agenda for Council's January meeting
  • Winter Community Circle reminder
  • Open House reminder
  • Request for info about Before and Aftercare Providers
  • Park Playdates: Mini'Lude thanks and February info
  • The Big Chill update **Important: New Location**
  • Fundraising Report
  • French Immersion (Grade 4) application deadline

School Council Newsletter 2022/23 - #6

  • Winter Concert - Call for volunteers
  • HPAS Community Volunteering Sign-Up
  • Envelope Fundraiser and Winter Concert
  • Fire is Life: Winter Solstice Celebration at High Park
  • Ravina Gardens Mini'Lude: January 11th, 3:30pm - HPAS wants Christmas trees to repurpose!
  • January Reminders
  • The Big Chill - Save the Date!
  • TDSB School Safety
  • Meal in a Jar and FlipGive

HPAS Parent Council Newsletter 2022/23 - #5

  • Minutes from the November Meeting
  • December Reminders 
  • Pizza Lunch Info
  • Bakers Wanted: Winter Concert Goodies Table (**AND DATE CHANGE**)
  • Volunteer Sign-Ups for 2022-23
  • PRO Grant Committee meeting Saturday 1pm
  • By-Laws Committee meeting Saturday 3pm
  • Readathon Wrap-Up and Scholastic info
  • FlipGive info
  • Envelope Fundraiser
  • Meal in a Jar info
  • Link to Council website and Calendar/Events

HPAS Parent Council Newsletter 2022/23 - #4

  • Info and Agenda for November's meeting
  • Upcoming Event: Adult Get-Together on November 24th
  • Fundraiser Info: Pizza Lunch, Meal in a Jar, Envelope and FlipGive
  • Connecting with the Community on Remembrance Day
  • Report on November Park Clean-Up and Play Date (plus the date for next one)
  • TDSB Eco-Schools Connecting with Communities info
  • School Council's Calendar of Events

HPAS Parent Council Newsletter 2022/23 - #3

  • Minutes from the October Council meeting
  • HPAS Council Elections: Round Two
  • The Return of Pizza Lunch 
  • November Park Play Date and Clean Up: November 2nd
  • Upcoming Events: Adult Get-Together
  • TDSB Special Interest Programs and Secondary School info nights 
  • Grade 7/8 Opportunity: Legislative Page Program
  • Readathon Wrap-Up: tally sheets and info about the Festival of Literary Diversity - Kids' Edition
  • Spooky Science!

HPAS Parent Council Newsletter 2022/23 - #2

  • Minutes from the Parent Council's September Meeting and the 2022/23 Parent Council
  • Info and Agenda link for October's meeting
  • Caregiver Survey #2 and Budget Committee
  • Report on our First Community Circle!
  • Readathon: Moonbeam Books October discount and Scholastic Picks!

HPAS Parent Council Newsletter 2022/23 - #1

  • Our 2022/23 Theme and Yellow Pages survey reminder
  • Council nominations reminder and info about the September meeting (plus dates for meetings through the rest of the year)
  • Upcoming events: Orange Shirt Day,  HPAS Readathon, Food Drive and HPAS's first Morning Circle
  • Fundraising with FlipGive
  • Alternative Schools policy consultation
  • Ways of getting Council news