Extra Curricular

Extra Curricular Activities

Our staff volunteer to organize a variety of activities for student to be involved in.  We have clubs, music groups and athletics.  The clubs and music groups tend to be year-long activities.  Athletics are divided into Fall, Winter and Spring Sports.  More info about sports in the TDSB is available here.


GSA+ (Gay Staright Alliance Plus) is mentored by Mr. MrkichLisa & Ms. F. Cheng

Yearbook Club is managed by Ms. BuzadiMr. MrkichMs. Stewart 
Eco-Club is organized by Ms. Buzadi & Ms. LaForest, & Ms. Spraggs
Fitness for Success Club is trained by Ms. McBurney & Mr. De Marco 
Open Gym is organized by Mr. PughMs. Grossman & Ms. Relleve
Ping Pong Club is led by Mr. Mrkich

Magic: The Gathering club is organized by Mr. De Marco & Mr. Spraggs

Kids Lit Quiz Teams are coached by Ms. Stewart 

Knitting Club is organized by Ms. Choudhur

Harry Potter Club is led by  Ms. ChoudhurMs. Spraggs

Wellness Club  is led by Ms. LaForest, Lisa, & Ms. Prosper 

Student Council is led by Ms. LimMs. F. Cheng

Athletic Council is led by Ms. F. Cheng

Board Game Club is run by Ms. Choudhury& Ms. Chiaradia

Dance Club is led by Ms. Choudhury

Newspaper Club is run by  Mr. Mrkich

Fall Sports

Cross Country is coached by Mr. Minta, & Ms. Noda
6 Boys Soccer is coached by Ms. Relleve  & Ms. Williams 
6 Girls Soccer is coached by Ms. McBurney & Lisa
7/8 Girls Soccer is coached by 
7/8 Boys Soccer is coached by Mr. De Marco & Ms. Noda
6 Boys Volleyball is coached by Lisa, Ms. Grossman, Ms. Noda, & Ms. Campbell
7/8 Boys Volleyball is coached by Ms. Prosper, Mr. Handelsman, Mr. Spraggs & Ms. Campbell
6 Girls Basketball is coached by 

7/8 Girls Basketball is coached by Ms. F. Cheng

6 Boys Touch Football is coached by Mr. Lynch & Mr. Pugh
6 Girls Touch Football is coached by Mr. Lynch & Mr. Pugh
7/8 Girls Touch Football is coached by Mr. Tozer & Ms. F. Cheng
7/8 Boys Touch Football is coached by Mr. Tozer & Ms. F. Cheng

Winter Sports

6 Girls Volleyball is coached by Ms. Grossman, Lisa, Ms. Noda & Ms. Campbell
7/8 Girls Volleyball is coached by Ms. Prosper, Mr. HandelsmanMr. Spraggs & Ms. Campbell
6 Boys Basketball is coached by Mr. Lynch & Mr. Tozer
7/8 Boys Basketball is coached by Mr. DeMarco, & Mr. Minta 
Hockey is coached by Mr. Tozer  and Mr. Handelsman

Badminton is coached by Mr. PughMr. Tozer

Spring Sports

678 Track & Field is trained by Ms. Noda, Mr. Minta, & Mr. De Marco
8 Ultimate is coached by Ms. F. Cheng
7 Ultimate is coached by Ms. F. Cheng

6 Ultimate is coached by Ms. L. Relleve, Mr. Handelsman & Ms. Williams

6 Boys Slo-Pitch is coached by Mr. Tarleton 
7/8 Boys Slo-Pitch is coached Mr. De Marco

6 Girls Slo-Pitch is coached by 
7/8 Girls Slo-Pitch is coached by Ms. Prosper & Ms. Stewart
6/7 Co-Ed Volleyball is coached Ms. Noda, 
Lisa Ms. Campbell
8 Co-Ed Volleyball is coached by Mr. Handelsman Ms. Prosper, Mr. Spraggs & Ms. Campbell
678 Swim Team is coached by Ms. McBurney