Humbercrest Public School

May 21st and 22nd

Dental Screening


Dental screenings at Humbercrest.


To identify children with oral health problems, a screening program is offered by Toronto Public Health (TPH) to students in accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Health requirements for mandatory health programs. The screening is an assessment by an oral health staff member using a separate sterilized mouth mirror for each child. The oral health staff member will assess the need for topical fluoride, scaling, sealant and any other obvious dental needs.

As a follow up to the screening, only parents whose children were screened will be notified and a note to that effect will be sent home with their child for your information and action. You may also receive a phone call from TPH dental staff to assist you in accessing care. Please be advised that this screening assessment does not replace the dental examination done by a dentist.

If you do not wish your child/ren to be screened, please inform the school staff and the classroom teacher.

For additional information, please visit us at 

Pizza Day - June 5th

Pizza Day


Pizza day is the first Wednesday of every month

Humbercrest's NEXT Pizza Day is Wednesday June 5th

The deadline for ordering Pizza is  Monday June 3rd

Please go to School Cash Online to order monthly if you have not paid for the whole year.

Gluten free options available.


Elementary Summer School 2024

The focus of the 2024 Elementary Literacy and Numeracy Summer School Program is to continue student engagement through July.

The local summer school principal develops programs focused on Literacy and Numeracy priorities and aligned with the school's specific focus Programs are offered in-person to students in K to Grade 8, from July 2 to July 26, 2024.

This year, one remote program will also be available for Grades 4 to 8.

● Program Dates - July 2 to July 26, 2024, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

● Registration is online. To fill out an application, please click on the registration form link for the school below.

● The remote (online) program is NOT associated with a particular school. Students who are registered will be grouped by grade and assigned an online teacher.


CLICK HERE for more information

Going on an Excursion?


School trip

The Excursion Management Application (EMA) is a web-based application which allows families to complete excursion and athletic forms online. Parents will automatically receive an email notification from "" when an excursion is planned for their child's class. The first time your family receives an email from EMA, you will be prompted to register by creating an account. 

The following URL can be used to access the Excursion Management Application:

You will need your child's student number. If you do not have it, please contact the school office.

Access the step-by-step Reference Guide here - this will assist Parents/Guardians on how to successfully create an account and login to EMA.





A Good Idea 



Label your children's belongings!

If the item gets lost - we can return it to your child as soon as we find it!

and remind your child to go through the lost and found frequently! Its in the basement of the school near the Jr Lunchroom.

Label your child's clothes


Want to Volunteer?   Volunteer



Vulnerable Sector Checks (VSS) by Toronto Police Services is now onlineFeatured Article



Exciting news! Toronto Police Services has moved its Vulnerable Sector Checks (VSS) application online. This will make the process quicker and easier!

The TDSB has been given a unique code that applicants will be required to use when filling out their application.  A step-by-step process is available online as a PDF.


Weblink :


Make sure you check the box that says "share with TDSB"

If you require any additional information, please email the Police Reference Check Office at


Extra-Curricular Activities at Humbercrest

Extra Curricular Activites


The Watermelons Thursdays at Lunch

Eco Club - Day 3 - Lunch - Library

Minecraft Club - Thursdays - Lunch (room 22)

Pokemon Club (gr. 4-8) 2 Mondays per month - Lunch (library)

Mila’s Book Club (Grade 5) Last Wednesday of the month in the library at Lunch

Choir  - Lunch

Strings Thursdays after school

BSA - Day 5 at Lunch

Student Council - Lunch

Coding Club - Lunch

Rubix Cube Club - Wednesdays at Lunch