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What resources are there for parents and where can I find them?
We do include general resources in our weekly electronic communication to parents.  Please see the section on Newsletters for all pertinent resources that relate to our goals in Achievement, Equity and Well-being.  Other great resources for parents can be found here:


Mental Health Resources

GREAT Curricular Resources for Parents

What are your social media channels? 

We have many social media channels.  


Weekly Newsletters


Parent Council Website 

Where can I find information about parent council?
The Humbercrest Parent Council website is a well-developed and frequently updated sight.  It has everything you need to know about parent council.
How are bullying and harassment dealt with?
Bullying and harassment are dealt with fairly seriously.  When incidents of the like are reported, the school investigates thoroughly, speaking to all involved students and staff and then we follow specific protocols and procedures that are set out by the board. Some are included below for your information.


Progressive Discipline



Humbercrest PS is a dual-track school that offers programming in French Immersion (FI) as well as English.  Many parents find themselves having to make an important decision, especially when their child/ren is/are in Junior Kindergarten, when the FI application process begins.  Parents have told us that they wish they had more information about the FI and English programs at Humbercrest that would assist them in making their decision.  We currently have an active French/English committee that has put together the following QandA in an attempt to help provide relevant and current information about both streams at Humbercrest.  Please take a look and please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions!  

What is the current split between English and French? Do you see this changing in the near term?
Currently, we are sitting at about 35% English and 65% French.  This differs from year-to-year, based on TDSB allocation.
Where can I find more information about the French stream and English stream/curriculum?
The English and French stream curriculums and pedagogy are identical in nature.  The only thing that changes is the language.  The ministry of education curriculum documents would be a good place to start, as they detail, for every grade and subject, what the expectations of learning are. 

Ministry of Education Curriculum 

Other considerations:
  • French Immersion at Humbercrest begins in SK 
  • Applications to the FI program start in the fall of the JK year 
  • Students in the English stream begin learning French in Grade 4 for 200 minutes in a 5-day cycle - its is called Core French 
  • Another entry point in FI, is in grade 4.  This is new and is currently not offered at Humbercrest but at other sites 

What curriculum supports are available for parents/caregivers?
This TDSB site for French Immersion parents is FULL of relevant information and resources: 

French Immersion in the TDSB 

How many students attend the school?
689 currently 
What is the deadline for French immersion applications (SK)?
The Program Application and Registration System (PARS) this year opened:
November 2, 2020
Closed:  November 27, 2020
Every student who applies to FI is guaranteed a spot in an FI program.  They not guaranteed a spot at a specific school.  Students who are not granted placement at Humbercrest for instance, are redirected to another site.