Departments & Staff

Principal: Ms. Claudine Tyrell  (416) 393-8122 ext. 20010

Vice Principals:

Ms. Isabel Arias Lopez ext. 20012 (M - Z Surnames)
Mr. Robert Palmer ext. 20011 (A - L Surnames)




Dramatic Arts/Visual Arts/Design Thinking

Assistant Curriculum Leader:  Kate Dembski
Department Phone Number:(416) 393-8122 ext 20115



Assistant Curriculum Leader: Sascha Dallas
Department Phone Number: (416) 393 8122 ext. 20090

"The limits of my language are the limits of my world" Ludwig Wittgenstein

Language is the basis of thinking, communicating and learning. It is the glue that holds society together. The English Department offers a challenging program of the very highest quality, one that recognizes the central importance of language and literature in learning and everyday life and prepares students for the literacy demands they will face as Canadians and members of the global community. Equally important, it encourages students to develop a lifelong love of reading and writing, central elements of a civilized culture.



Geography/Social Justice/ SHSM 

Geography & Civics Assistant Curriculum Leader: Dimitra Tsanos
Department Phone Number: (416) 393-8122 ext. 20075


Global Competencies Implementation and Information Technology/Learning Commons 

Assistant Curriculum Leader: Caroline Schoales
Department Phone Number: (416) 393-8122 Ext 20022


History/Social Sciences/Civics/Archives

Assistant Curriculum Leaders: Michael Dingwall
Department Phone Number: (416) 393-8122 ext. 20085

History is the study of the past. Through it, we strive to learn why events happened, how people experienced them, and how they reshaped the societies in which they lived. We come to know ourselves by discovering in history the way in which the past shaped us, and how it created the present in which we live.

Look around the school and you will see the importance of history to Humberside. The walls are filled with numerous plaques, photos and memorials that honour the many people and events that contributed to the life of the school. Throughout the over 100-year history of Humberside Collegiate, numerous students and teachers have emerged as writers, journalists, professionals and scholars. Their great success is a reflection of our focus on academic excellence.

Here in the History and Social Sciences Department we offer a wide variety of courses that will challenge and reward all students. We are also training the next generation of historical scholars and teachers. The history department plays a major role in helping students to develop the skills and level of scholarship that will help them succeed once they graduate from Humberside.

Our department offers a broadly and diversified program that includes Canadian, ancient and world history as well as philosophy, sociology, anthropology, religion and law courses. All students must take the grade 10 Canadian history course. We offer both academic and enriched classes. Humberside students often take more than one history or social science in their senior years.


Modern Languages

Assistant Curriculum Leader: Heather Bernknopf
Department Phone Number: (416) 393-8122 ext. 20115

Classical, international and modern language programs provide ideal opportunities for students to develop and refine the important skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Moreover, learning more than one language develops the ability to think creativity and to solve problems effectively. Studying other languages will also give students new insights into their first language.


Assistant Curriculum Leader:  Andrew Mancini
Department Phone Number: (416) 393-8122 ext. 20080



Assistant Curriculum Leader: Karen Kress   
Department Phone Number: (416) 393-8122 ext. 20100

Healthy Active Living

Assistant Curriculum Leader: Darcie Vujacic (Girls)
Derek Liebe (Boys)
Department Phone Number: (416) 393-8122 ext. 20031 (Girls)
(416) 393-8122 ext. 20030 (Boys)



Assistant Curriculum Leaders:  June Shiraishi & Kira Janisse 
Department Phone Number: (416) 393-8122 ext. 20095
Department Website:


Student Success (Numeracy & Literacy)

Assistant Curriculum Leader: Sarah Bumstead

Department Phone Number: (416) 393-8122 ext.20080

'Success is a journey not a destination' Ben Sweetland


Special Education 

Assistant Curriculum Leader:  Chella Tingley   

Department Phone Number:  (416)393-8122 ext.20043