The Guidance Department Humberside C. I. is dedicated to the success and well-being of every member of our school community. Our Guidance Counsellors demonstrate this by supporting students in the realms of personal, social, and educational development, as well as in career planning. Some of the many services that we provide to assist in the cultivation of student success are:

1) Aiding Personal and Social Concerns/Development 

  • Confidential individual short term counselling relating to issues a student may be encountering inside or outside school
  • Referral to our internal support staff (ex. Social Worker, Child and Youth Worker, Psychologist) or to outside community agencies
  • Education about and referral to alternative programs/schools that may suit student based on unique needs
  • Volunteer and job opportunities advertised through announcements and postings


2) Assisting with Educational Planning 

  • Awareness of O.S.S.D and post secondary requirements
  • Course selection and timetable changes
  • Credit courses available outside of regular day school - night school, summer school, and virtual school options
  • Peer tutoring through our after-school program
  • Up-to-date post secondary prospects – including out-of-Ontario
  • Financial aid resources - scholarships, loans, and bursaries


 3) Supporting Career Planning/Provision of Career Information

  • Compulsory Careers credit course in Gr.10
  • Interest inventories to allow students to discover possible destinations appropriate to their passion
  • Referral to online programs (ex. Career Cruising. that allow for career exploration
  • Reference materials in the Guidance Reception Area

Every student at Humberside CI is assigned a guidance counsellor with whom he/she can discuss post-secondary plans, academic concerns and/or personal concerns. Students are encouraged to visit their assigned Counsellor by booking a time in the appointment book available in the Guidance reception area in the morning, during lunch or after school. Upon completion of an appointment, a student will receive an admit slip to return to class.  Due to COVID 19 restrictions, online appointment booking is available.


Contact Info

Location: Beside the VPO
Phone Number: 416-393-8122 ext. 20040
Office Hours: 8:00am – 4:00pm Monday to Friday

Parents are urged to maintain contact also, and may make an appointment or speak with individual Counsellors by calling our main number below:



Responsible for students whose last name begins with:

Telephone Extension

M. Austin

A – F


S. Wong-Ma

G – N


M. Sawa 

O – Z


Office Assistant

Mary Rizzo



Important Dates 2021/2022

October 29, 2021 
Humberside C.I. academic resumes due to the Guidance Office for scholarship considerations

November 27, 2021
Last date to notify your guidance counsellor of your intent to apply to an out-of-province institution and fill out the form.  Colleges and universities set their own deadlines.  Application packages must be sent directly by students.

January 13, 2022
Online university applications to OUAC. The OUAC still processes applications received after this date and distributes them to universities; however, specific university deadlines will apply.

February 1, 2022
Last date to submit online College applications to OCAS for equal consideration

February 1, 2022
Earliest date that College applicants may confirm an offer of admission if applications were made before February 1.

May 27, 2022 
The latest date by which all secondary school applicants shall expect a response from an Ontario university

June 1, 2022
Earliest date by which Ontario universities may require a response to an offer of admission and a financial commitment of any kind (e.g. registration deposit, residence deposit, etc.) from an Ontario secondary school student.  All other admissions-related elements including scholarships, other forms of student assistance or financial incentives, and offers of residence are considered part of the offer of admission.  Therefore, a student may accept these other offers prior to June 1,2022, but Ontario universities shall not compel a student in any way to make an earlier decision.