Out of Province Applications

Out of Province Applications

Each of the universities has its own applications. These applications may be downloaded from the Universities' websites. Application to a particular university is made directly to the registrar’s office at the respective university.

The universities will require that Humberside C.I. send your full high school transcript. They will be looking to see that your marks are increasing or are maintaining themselves. McGill University changed their admission policy recently to bring it in line with Ontario universities. Accordingly, they will be looking at the top six Year 4 marks including prerequisite courses.

The application form is comprehensive. The university wants to know about your extra-curricular activities, interests and awards. In some cases you may also be expected to write a personalized essay. Colleges and Universities set their own deadlines. Application packages must be sent directly by students. You must notify your Guidance Counsellor of your intent to apply to an out-of-province institution and fill out the form by November 22, 2021.

The application deadline date varies with each university. Generally from the end of December to mid-January are the deadline dates. You will hear from the university within a month of receipt of the application, with the exception of McGill, Bishops and Dalhousie. McGill, Bishops, UBC, Simon Fraser and Dalhousie will respond along with the Ontario universities (an OUAC # is required). You must check with the Guidance Office for specific dates.

If possible, it would be worthwhile to visit these out of province institutions. Check for Virtual Open Houses on each university's website


U.S. Universities/Colleges

There are over 2000 accredited 4 year colleges in the United States. Your options are almost unlimited. It will be your challenge to research and find the right fit for you.

Standardized Tests
You are usually required to submit results of the Scholastic Assessment Tests (SAT I and II). The SAT I is a standardized test in English and Math. The best preparation for the verbal section of the SAT I is to read and build your vocabulary. You should plan to write the SAT I test in October, November, December or January. SAT II are available in different subject areas (eg. Biology, French, Mathematics, English, History, etc.). Not all schools require SAT II.

The counsellor or school report is intended to be an overall assessment of the candidate and will review your academic record, extra curricular interests and accomplishments, citizenship, personal qualities and areas of particular strengths. Academic references are usually also required from one or two of your teachers. They should be from teachers that know you well. One of the issues that Admission Officers like to see is how you have had to deal with failures or disappointments.

Extra Curricular Activities
Most schools, especially the selective ones, want to create a well-rounded class of students who have both the capacity and the inclination to handle the academic workload and at the same time contribute to the campus community. All schools are interested in your out-of-class activities. They want to see that you have committed significant amounts of sustained time to your special interests, skills or talents. In addition, they are interested in seeing that you have assumed a leadership role in these activities.

Personal Essay
Most schools will ask you to write one or more personal essays. This is your only opportunity in the application to give the Admissions Officer a personal look at you, your ideas, the way you write and the way you think. It is essential that you spend time preparing this part of the application.

Make sure that you know the school intimately. Admission committees or interviewers will be looking to see how much you know about their school.

Make sure that you give yourself adequate time to prepare your application. This is not something that can be done at the last minute. If you are applying for Early Decision or Early Action, then you will have to meet a November deadline. This is the date by which schools must receive your package.

Admission Criteria
Admissions officers will look at the following:

Academic Record
A complete transcript of your high school grades must be submitted. The strength of your academic program in high school (challenge, breadth, load) and how well you do is probably the most important criterion of all. Some U.S. schools expect you take two to three years of a foreign language, plus two years of science.