University and College Application Process

University and College Application Process

Applications for Ontario Universities/Colleges will be done by each student online. We strongly encourage you to submit your University and College applications before the December holidays begin.

The University applications deadline is January 13, 2022.
College applications are due before February 1, 2022 if they are to be considered for equal consideration.

Students are encouraged to see their counsellor if they require assistance with the research and application process.

Students can go through the tutorial beforehand at the Ontario Universities website and the Ontario Colleges website

Students and parents are encouraged to research a wide variety of universities or colleges and programs.

Website volume is highest on the due dates, you are encouraged to please apply early!


How Do I Choose a University/College?

  • You will be given plenty of opportunity to research and discover your options. 
  • You should talk to your friends, former graduates, relatives, parents, and teachers
  • Read the information provided to you by the universities/colleges and their view books
  • Read independent literature on the institutions
  • Visit the university and college websites
  • Visit the and websites. The many programs, cut-off marks and pre-requisite courses are listed. It is critical that you carefully review the information with particular emphasis on the schools that you are interested in attending. You should also review that you are taking all the necessary Year 4 courses to get you into your desired program of study.
  • Visit the Open Houses
  • Involve your parents
  • Ultimately the decision is a personal one. It is imperative that you find a university that is a match for you. You will find that each university has its own personality.


Ontario University Application Process

Entrance to all Ontario Universities is based upon your six best Year 4 U or M marks. A few University programs accept a limited number of “M” courses. Co-op, Open and College courses are not considered for admission requirement to University. Check the website and the Universities’ websites for exact prerequisites for your program. For early conditional acceptance, universities will also examine your Year 3 marks, including prerequisites for a particular program. All of your Year 3 and Year 4 marks are forwarded to the university.

Applications to Ontario Universities are made online using the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre ( A tutorial to assist students in the use of the online application and the Review and Change Your Application component is available. Students will also have access to the tutorial online. You can select as many universities and programs as you wish. The cost for the first three selections is $ 150.00. Beyond this there is a charge of $50 for every additional selection. Once you have made your choices by the early January, it may be possible to make changes until early February. You must contact the specific universities directly re their policies regarding this.

A personal Identification Number (PIN) will be generated once the electronic data for a student is submitted to the OUAC. Confidential envelopes will be printed for each graduating student attending our school and will be mailed to their home address in mid November.

Once you have made an application to a university you will often be asked to fill in a personal information form or supplementary information form. This is an opportunity to let the universities know of your extra curricular activities, personal interests and any awards that you may have earned. This personal information form might play a vital role in determining whether or not you will be accepted.

Toronto District School Board will forward all of your Year 3 and Year 4 marks to the OUAC by the beginning of February. Another set of marks will be sent by the end of April. Final marks are sent at the end of June.

Universities might make conditional offers of acceptance for admission which could also include offers of residence and scholarships. It is important to remember that this is a conditional offer. Your marks cannot drop significantly from the marks forwarded by the school at the end of February. How much is significant? Each university has developed its own policy on this issue. However, the best policy is to continue working diligently until June.


Ontario College Application Process

Ontario Colleges offer a variety of programs:

  • Certificate/Diploma Program – A 1, 2, or 3-year program of studies which lead to a certificate/diploma
  • Joint University Program Collaborative Program – Courses offered at both the college and university level. A College diploma and a University degree will be granted in 4 years
  • Applied Degrees Program – An Applied Bachelor degree is offered through a practical and “hands-on” component of study

Applicants to Ontario Colleges must meet the minimum admission requirement of holding an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Six grade 12 U or M courses are required as well for the Joint University/Collaborative and the Applied Degrees programs. Depending on the program, some may have additional admission criteria, such as pre-requisite courses, a portfolio or essay, test, questionnaire, medical form and/or attendance at an information session, etc. that all must be completed on deadline. If the program is oversubscribed or highly competitive, applicants will also need to meet the minimum admission average and other requirements. Visit the Ontario College Application Service (OCAS) website ( and the colleges’ websites for admission requirements for your program.

Application to the Ontario Colleges is done online through OCAS. The cost of application is $95 for five choices. Review the application tutorial before applying. Apply and pay online early for a chance to win one of the three money prizes and be considered equally for the earliest admission offer. The earliest release of offer by the colleges is on February 1, 2022. 

No PIN number is required to apply online. Applicants will log on to the Ontario College Application Service (OCAS) website: to set up your own account by creating your own username and password. You will receive your application number after setting up your online account. Keep your username, password and application number in a safe place. Follow the screen prompts and complete your application. Applicants will be able to view your application and make changes to your application information (except courses and grades) online. The online application allows you to change order of your program choices without affecting the received date of the application. Once the application processing fee is received and validated, the online application is transmitted electronically to the colleges.

Applicants can log into their online application at any time to view your application or make changes to information. Try to make your changes before the Equal Consideration Date. Applicants may also confirm your acceptance of an offer on-line. You may accept only one offer. Remember that offers from colleges are conditional on you keeping up your final marks in June. Not only are these marks important for first year college entrance and scholarships but also they are the only marks that appear on your transcript forever. If you ever change your mind and apply to another college or to a university in second or third year, they all ask for your high school transcript. Keep up the good marks.