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Humberside Collegiate Institute (Grade 9 - 12)

"felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas"  
Happy is the person who has been able to learn the reasons for things
Welcome to Humberside C. I. 'Home of the Huskies'
Humberside is a school which offers a challenging program and is committed to assisting students to become responsible, capable and caring citizens with a lifelong curiosity for learning and a desire for excellence.
Established in 1892, Humberside Collegiate Institute's architecturally significant building sits in one of the most beautiful settings in the T.D.S.B. Just as Humberside has had strong foundations in the High Park community so too are the foundations that we provide in academic excellence and tradition. 
Our 1400 students at Humberside are fully engaged in the learning activities of our very strong academic program. Approximately 90% of our students graduate in four years and 87% apply to post secondary education. Students are very successful in the Sciences, Maths and Business, as well as Languages, Social Sciences and Humanities. 250 students graduated with their Ontario Secondary School Diploma in 2017-18, with 185 Ontario Scholars, 82 Centennial Scholars (students who graduated having maintained honours standings each term). 130 students received French Program Certificates in 2017-18.
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