Opening Exercises
Students should assemble in their first period classes well before 8:45 a.m. The day starts promptly at 8:45 with the playing of O Canada. Students are to stop what they are doing, stand silently, and remove their hats for the anthem.

Attendance and Punctuality
Regular attendance on the part of students is vital to the process of learning. When the process and content of learning are disrupted by irregular attendance, both the individual student and his/her classmates suffer a loss of experiences that cannot be entirely regained. Students who habitually miss classes will suffer in the evaluation process because their participation and achievement cannot be fully assessed.

Reporting Attendance and Punctuality
Attendance and punctuality are reported to the VPO every period by the subject teacher. The Vice Principals will contact students and parents of students who show a consistent pattern of absenteeism or lateness.

The automated dialing system will call home each evening to report unexplained student absences.

Parents are encouraged to call the school before 8:30 any morning to report their child‘s absence. Parents can review their child’s attendance records with the Attendance Office at 416-393-8122 ext. 20004 or 20005.

Students who arrive late for class cause an unnecessary disruption to their teachers and classmates. Late students often miss important information and instructions given at the beginning of the class. All students are expected to show courtesy to others and concern for their fellow students by being on time for all classes.
The following procedures encourage the habit of punctuality:

The school day begins at 8:45 a.m. Students who are late for the first period of the day and right after lunch, must sign in at the Vice Principal's Office. A note from a parent or guardian is required to explain the lateness, otherwise it will be recorded as unexplained absence and detentions must be served.

In recognition of the importance of regular attendance, all students at Humberside are expected:

  • To attend all classes
  • To present an explanatory note, signed by the parent/guardian, to all teachers upon returning to school after an absence.
  • To present an explanatory note, signed by the student upon returning to school after an absence, if the student is 18 years or older,
  • To submit a note from a parent/guardian and sign out in the Vice Principals’ Office if leaving the school prior to the regular school dismissal time.
  • To wait in the VPO until a parent is contacted and permission received before leaving the school without a signed note if the student is ill or needing to attend an outside appointment

Code of Conduct

Assessment and Evaluation


Eligibility of Student Athletes

Eligibility to Participate
At Humberside C.I., we believe that it is important for a young person’s social, emotional and physical well-being to participate in co-curricular activities. The staff and students work together to provide for, and encourage, this participation. Staff Advisors/Coaches, classroom teachers and administrators collaborate regularly to monitor our students who regularly participate in co-curricular activities.

All Humberside students wishing to participate in co-curricular activities must:

  • Be a full-time student. Students in grades 9 to 11 must be enrolled in 8 courses. Students in their graduating year must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 courses.
  • Have a Humberside Student Activity Card.
  • For interschool athletics, meet all of the criteria of the Toronto District Secondary School Athletic Association constitution and sport playing regulations. (Students are eligible under TDSSAA rules to compete for five consecutive years from the time they first enter grade 9).
  • Be in attendance in all scheduled classes on the day of an activity. Students found skipping on game/activity day will be required to sit out a game.
  • Attend all scheduled classes and complete all assigned work on a regular basis.
  • Adhere to all TDSB and HCI Codes of Behaviour
  • Be a member in good standing with the school. Students under suspension must not be on any TDSB property for the duration of the suspension.
  • Communicate with all teachers about their attendance and assignments prior to missing classes for the purposes of a regularly scheduled co-curricular activity
  • Communicate with all teachers about changes in the schedule or about additional games during play-off season.

Academic Eligibility for Athletics
The first responsibility of Humberside students is the classroom and course work. Students are expected to maintain passing grades in each course.

To support this expectation the coaches will, where warranted: 

  • Communicate with the student and parent about student behaviour, attendance and achievement
  • Communicate with teachers and administration about student behaviour, attendance and achievement
  • Place the student on an Athletic Probation Sheet.

Computer Use Policy