School Song & Cheer

School Song and Cheer

Our school song, “Hail Humberside”, was written by C.S. Patterson. It is sung at many assemblies, at all concerts and at all games. It is always followed by the school cheer, “choik-atee-hoik”. 

All hail to dear old Humberside 
The School we all revere. 
Let's sing of all the happy days 
spent within her walls so dear. 

We'll cheer our teams endeavours 
whether we win or lose 
for that's the spirit of Humberside 
that we'll carry through the years. 

Hail Garnet, Grey and White 
Humberside lead on. 
Always with your colours high 
Heads up every son 
Rah Rah Rah 

Daughters of Humberside, 
whether you're far or near 
All cheer and sing for Humberside 
Alma Mater dear!

School Cheer

Choik-atee-hoik, choik-atee-hoik, 
Chal-ama, chal-ama, chi 
Rickety rackerty, rickerty rackety - H.C.I. 
Ch-hee, Ch-ho, ch-haw, haw, haw! 
Humberside, Humberside, Rah! Rah!