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School Advisory Council

Parents, Students, Teachers and Community

Promoting the realization of the school's mission statement, and enhancing as much as possible, the educational experience at Humberside C.I.

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The Humberside School Advisory Council meets on the first Monday of most months during the school year at 7:00 pm in Humberside's Library (main floor near the foyer). We aim to finish meetings by 8:30 but sometimes they may run to 9 pm. Parents and school community members are encouraged to join.

Meetings provide the best opportunity to find out what is going on at Humberside and in our education system, and to have input into decision-making processes. Each meeting includes reports from the principal, teacher and student representatives and heads of our sub-committees. Everyone has a chance to ask questions and voice concerns. Often, one or two special topics of interest are also included on the agenda. The meeting wraps up with “Q&A,” to deal with general questions and comments that don’t require tabling as agenda items.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions or suggested agenda item for our meetings. Our email address is


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