Hermes Yearbook

Hermes (Yearbook)

Since 1925, Hermes has made an outstanding contribution as the record of school life. Hermes includes pictures of every student, club, and team in Humberside as well as many candid snapshots. The yearbook increases in sentimental value as the years pass and it brings back memories of high school life. VideoHermes is a DVD supplement to the yearbook.

The yearbooks are part of the Student Activity Package which is sold in September. They are distributed in June. Your support is needed and welcome, not only for the purchase of the yearbook but in your contribution to its production. If you have the talent to write copy, to photograph school activities, to prepare lay-outs or to assist with the artistic designs, we would like you to work on Hermes. Please contact Ms. Dallas or a member of the Hermes staff, either in the Hermes office in the library, or through the mailbox in the main office.