Welcome to Junior Kindergarten at Humewood!

Kindergarten Registration is now online!  Follow the link below!

Online Kindergarten Registration information

Online Kindergarten Registration Form

 Early Years Experiences Collection Form

To fully complete your registration please print and complete the Developmental History Form below and bring it to Humewood's Kindergarten Documentation Day on February 28th, 9:30 - 11:00am or 1:30 - 3:30pm, along with "Step 2" documents listed in the Online Kindergarten Registration Information form.

Developmental History Form

If you do not have access to Online Kindergarten Registration, please complete the forms below and call the Humewood Community School Office at 416-394-2383 to make an appointment to bring the forms in and complete your registration.

Student Registration

Developmental History Form

Registration  (EYE@K) Questionnaire


Documentation Information and Kindergarten Tour Day

Necessary Documents for Registration:
1.  Child's Birth Certificate
2.  Child's Health Card
3.  Child's Updated Immunization Card
4.  2 items that provide proof of residency such as utility bills (Enbridge, Hydro, Property Tax, etc.) and/or a copy of a lease  and a utility bill.  
5.  Parent identification and contact information.

Here are some great tips from our fantastic team:

1.     Send me with shoes I can do up myself.

2.      Label my clothes so that I can find them and teachers can help me if I lose them.

3.      Send me to school with a real backpack so that I have room to take home things that I make.

4.      Send me to school with a snack container that I can open by myself.

5.      Send me to school with a water bottle that I can open by myself and refill when I am thirsty.

6.     Send me to school with outdoor clothes that I can put on by myself

7.     Talking about the letters in my name will help me to be responsible for my things

8.     Showing me how to hold utensils will help me learn to print

9.     Talking to my teacher when you have concerns will help both of you support my development

10.   Say, “Good-bye,” to me at the door so that I can walk in myself and build confidence.

The Program

The program is child-centred, play-based, and materials are carefully selected by staff.

Assessment is authentic, ongoing, developmentally appropriate, and shapes instruction.

Child development (readiness and patterns) guides activities.

Learning centres promote development in the five domains: physical, social, emotional, communication, and cognition.

The program has strong math and language components

Problem solving and exploration are key in our inquiry-based learning.

Be sure to also check out this helpful list of suggestions from the TDSB about helping your child get ready for Kindergarten.