Indian Road Crescent Safe School Team

The Safe School Team meets regularly to discuss all issues of school safety. The Team includes the Principal, the Family Council Chair, the Daycare Supervisor, a Teacher Representative, and the Caretaker.  We work together to ensure our school is safe and has a positive school climate free of discrimination. 

Members for the 2019-20 School Year are:

  • Andreas Ghabrial, Principal
  • Chris Crighton, Family Council Chair
  • Rebecca Campbell, YMCA Supervisor
  • Tudor Hodan, Teacher
  • David Vuckovac, Caretaker

Our safe school plan is a collection of policies and procedures that ensure students, staff and community members are safe in our school. Components will include but not be limited to:

Our Safe School Team is responsible for maintaining this plan in order to foster a safe, inclusive, and accepting school climate.  


Meeting Notes:

February 3, 2020

  1. Clarify communication to community regarding YMCA, School and Community Use of the school yard by March 2020.
  2. 2nd Floor Security - All doors to be closed after 4pm including staircase doors. (except for permits)
  3. Bathroom Doors - swing to heavy - hook open or readjust swings to be safer
  4. Adults in Building - Reinforce through communication need to adults other than staff to have visitor passes. Entry to school for all adults is through the office.
  5. Buzzer for entry at Door 4 only for Parenting ON Centre. Not to be used by school aged children. Review start times for ON Centre and consider later start. 
  6. Population pressure in ON Centre - Altering start times and providing more PM slots 
  7. Next meeting set for March 9 @ 8:15 am


November 28, 2019

  1. Doors - all locked all day. Accommodations during school day for student recess times.
  2. Snow and Ice - Snow removal plan to support entry and exit of school. 
  3. Hallways - Use dedicated raised area for all boots. 
  4. Discrimination and Human Rights - Expected Practices reviewed by Staff
  5. Safe School School webpage
  6. Lighting in school yard at night - times to be adjusted for winter.
  7. Door into playground from Kindergarten area - Consider redesign
  8. Door 4 stuck open - work order in to repair. Will confirm.
  9. Outdoor play - materials for outdoor play - needs to be more active - outdoor equipment for kindergarten students - 
  10. Kinder lunch - change 60/15 to 45/30…
  11. Gates to school yard need to be closed at all times from 7:30 to 6:pm. Parent support to close is appreciated. Work order to align door hinges to work effectively.
  12. Kindergarten playground hinges also need alignment.
  13. Clarify Code of Conduct for all members of the community - staff, parents, community members and students
  14. Website for all information to school community. Emails to notify parents of changes or to highlight information as needed.
  15. Next meeting - January 24, 2020. December may be called if needed based on Staff and Council Meeting.