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Our school motto is "Strong Together"

Thank you for your interest in the Girls' Leadership Academy at Highland Heights Junior Public School. Please take a moment to learn about our beautiful school. Additional information is available through the TDSB Elementary Academies links on the TDSB website at www.tdsb.on.ca. Also, we welcome telephone inquiries and are pleased to meet with interested parents and prospective community partners.  

The Girls' Leadership Academy offers options that can enable students to develop the academic, leadership and organizational skills necessary for personal success.

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Optional Attendance 

Students who reside within the City of Toronto have the right to attend a school which is designated to serve their residential address. The "Find Your School" section of the website identifies the designated schools for each residential address.

Students also have the opportunity to access schools outside of the school that is designated to serve their residential address by applying on optional attendance. Acceptance at these schools is subject to space availability and program suitability. The procedures, conditions and timelines relating to optional attendance are described in the Optional Attendance Policy and the Optional Attendance Operational Procedure.

Status for 2015-2016

Optional Attendance status for Jean Augustine Girls' Leadership Academy is:

  • Regular Program: Limited

Learn more about Optional Attendance, including definitions of the classifications, as well as links to full school listings. If you have any questions about optional attendance, please contact the school directly.

Recent News

The JAGLA girls recently visited Forest Valley!  Please check out our classroom blogs to see all the things we learned! 

The grade 4/5/6 girls from JAGLA put together a clothing drive for local homeless shelters!  It was a great success!  Thank you to everyone who donated and helped out!  The girls had a blast and did an amazing job!  To find out more about their Homelessness project, please visit their Classroom Blog! 

The grade 7/8 girls from JAGLA received a rare opportunity to visit Parliament Hill and the Honourable Jean Augustine in Ottawa on January 27th, 2015.  To find out more about their awesome trip, please click on the links below!  

"A Trip to Parliament Hill" - Article by Mariam

Thank You Letter - Letter to Ms. Augustine by Maham

Interview - Interview about Ottawa trip by Sophia and Ashanti