Special Education

Special Education

The Academic Resource Centre (ARC) supports IPRC’d students who are formally identified as having a learning exceptionality, for example a communication or gifted designation. Listed below are examples of support available for IPRC’d students (formally identified through the IPRC process):

Where Is The Academic Resource Center Located?

The Academic Resource Center is located in room 134.

Academic Resource Centre (ARC)


  • Classroom instruction for identified students enrolled in General Learning Strategies (GLE)
  • Additional support for identified students (writing tests, assignments, use of language lab)
  • Support for non-identified students who need to complete make-up tests, assignments, and research
  • Quiet setting for silent reading, homework completion, test/exam preparation
  • All students with an IEP have the option of writing their exams in the ARC

Purpose of ARC



  • Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
  • Legal document prepared by Special Education teachers
  • IEP is based on the Psychological Report, IPRC, OSR, and teacher input
  • Accommodations outlined on the IEP must be met to ensure success
  • IEPs are located in the ARC and the OSRs
  • IEPs are updated by mid-October and on a continuous basis throughout the year

Macdonald In-school Support Team (MISST)



  • Team consists of Special Education, Administration, and Guidance
  • Gather information about the student at risk
  • Provide feedback, strategies and suggestions to the teacher who referred the student to MISST
  • Decide if the student should be referred to the SST for further discussion and possible testing

School Support Team (SST)



  • Team consists of Special Education, Administration, Guidance, Social Work, and School Psychologist
  • Information from the MISST is presented
  • Students may be recommended to be tested for an (IPRC)Identification Placement Review Committee
  • Identification Placement Review Committee (IPRC) Team consists of Special Education, Administration, Teacher(s), Board Psychologist, Board Social Worker, Special Education Consultant, and Parent(s) of the student being discussed
  • Decision will be made for student’s identification and, if applicable placement

Lunch Time Tutoring



  • Leadership students tutoring their peers
  • Tutors tutor various subjects but focus mainly on core subjects (English, Math, Science)
  • Students have a better chance at being successful with the additional support and help

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD Program)



  • Students must have an IRPC and are centrally placed to this program Team consists of 2 teachers, 2 Child and Youth Workers , and 2 Special Needs Assistants
  • Program focuses on academics, social skills, life skills, and transition plans to work or school


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