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KEPS Friday Flash Newsletter

MAY 13TH 2022

Here is the flash for this week:

In the flash this week:

Summer School

Water Bottles

Gardening Items Required


Community BBQ

Rock Band Night

Spring Concert

Grade 8 Graduation

School Council

            Next Meeting

Upcoming Fundraisers


            School BBQ

The Graduation Committee Needs Volunteers

Indigo Flip Give FUNDRAISER

             Parent Class Representatives

            King Edward Parent Council Members

            Any Questions?

International Day of Families

Vishakha Puja Day

International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

Sports, Clubs and Music Schedule

Summer School:  Please see below for information on summer school at Essex PS.

Essex Summer School program

For students currently in grade 1-8

July 4-29th, 9AM-12PM

Literacy and Numeracy focus

Register online:

Registration closes June 6th

Email with any questions

Water Bottles:  Now the weather is getting warmer, please ensure that you send your child with a water bottle to refill and a hat for outside.

Gardening Items Required:  Mme Ponton is starting a gardening club and was hoping to get some items donated.  If you any of the following please bring them to the office:

-Gardening Gloves 

-Shovels (little digging ones, and perhaps larger ones too for seniors)

-Brown bags

-Watering cans 


Dance-a-Thon:  Our School Dance-a-thon was an incredible success!!! Many thanks to all who have donated so far!  You can still donate if you wish at this link…

Huge thanks to Ms. Bennett and our School Council for putting this together and of course our very own DJ Platypus for the music!

Immunization Clinic at Bloor Collegiate (Inside Central Tech):

TPH (Toronto Public Health) will be hosting a School Mobile Clinic [SMC], which provides SIP (School Immunization Program), COVID-19 vaccines, and dental & oral health screening on May 18, 2022.


May 18, 2022


3:00pm – 7:00pm


Bloor Collegiate Institute


725 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON, M5S 2R5 (Located within Central Tech)

SERVICES OFFERED & ELIGIBILITY: For more information, please see this letter and flyer from TPH.

For additional information, please visit:

Community BBQ:  School Council is hosting a Community BBQ to welcome everyone back to school in person!  Please see below in the School Council section for more information.

Rock Band Night: We are having our Rock Band Night on Wednesday June 1st in the gym.  Many thanks to Mr. Platek for all his dedication and hard work to make this happen this year!

Spring Concert: We will be having our Spring Concert in person in the gym on June 9th at 6:30pm.  Everyone is invited to join us to enjoy the music!  Many thanks to Mr. Platek, Mr. Jamieson, Ms. Bennett, and our itinerant music teachers, Mr. Clarke, and Mr. Cupid for making this possible.

Grade 8 Graduation:  Grade 8 Graduation will take place in the gym from 4pm - 6pm in the gym on June 28th, 2022.  A reception will follow out in the South Yard, from 6pm -7pm, with a dance following in the gym that from 7pm -9pm. We are looking for grade 7 parent volunteers to help out on the day of for the Grad reception.  If you are interested, please contact school council

Track and Field Tryouts:  The Track and Field season is here.Students have tried out for the various events. Next week, Ms. Cacciottolo and Mrs. Spatola will be informing students which event they will be participating in.  The Track Meet is set for June 21st at Birchmount Stadium.

Ultimate and Softball Tryouts:  Ultimate and Softball tryouts have begun.  The tryouts will be co-ed.  Ultimate tryouts will happen again Wednesday at 8:00am and Softball tryouts will happen again Thursday at 8:00 am.  Permission forms are available outside the gym. Teams will be selected after next week’s tryouts.

School Council:

Next Meeting:

The next Parent Council meeting is Tuesday, May 17. 2022

The link to register on zoom is

Upcoming Fundraiser-

The King Edward Public School Spring 2022 Dance-A-Thon


You may continue fundraising until Wednesday, May 18th. There are many prizes to be won! The top class will have a pizza and/or donut party! The child who fundraises the most will receive the grand prize! Every child who raises over $25 will be entered into many different draws for great prizes!

Cash online is the preferred method. Just head to  log in with your child’s student number, you must choose general through the initiatives option and write your child’s name and classroom in the messages option at the bottom. Any amount donated through School Cash Online will be able to receive an income tax receipt. Cheques should be made payable to: Toronto District School Board/ King Edward P.S.  Again, all donation envelopes should be returned to your child’s classroom teacher by Wednesday, May 18th, 2022.

Upcoming Barbecue- Thursday, May 26, 2022, 3:30-6:30pm -NEEDS VOLUNTEERS

KE is having a Cmmunity School Barbecue!

It is an outdoor meet-and-greet event to reconnect with teachers, parents and kids of all ages. You can pre-order food items from our School Cash Online system or purchase food and baked goods on the day. There will be lots of fun games (activity) stations such as a bubble station, remote control cars, potato sack races, kicking a soccer ball into specific targets and lots more and these games will all be free!!! It’s time we meet each other and show our children what truly embracing your school community and having fun is about!

You can now pre-order food items on the School Cash Online system.

Cut off date is Monday, May 23 @ 9am. No exceptions or cancellations.

After that, it will be cash only orders, so we highly encourage you (and kids) to pre-order if you plan on attending!!

Online pre-order:

Fancy Franks is coming!

Kosher Hotdog- $5

Veggie Hotdog - $5

Gluten Free Hotdog Bun- 0$ please check this off to let us know ahead of time

Snack ticket (Chips, cookies, candy and baked goods) $1

Snack Ticket (vegetarian baked goods and all other snacks) $1

Drink Ticket (Juice box, soda pop) $1

This event will be held outside in the south yard. PARENTS : We need more volunteers to make this not just a good event but a spectacular event! If you wish to help please contact or the council at

The Graduation Committee- NEEDS VOLUNTEERS

The graduation committee is looking for volunteers (Grade 7 parents along with any other grades) for the day of graduation to help set up.

Please contact the parent council at

The committee is also looking for volunteers to donate food for the after party. Please contact us with any suggestions or donations!

Indigo Flip Give FUNDRAISER

The indigo flip give is still up and running. If you wish to purchase anything at Indigo, please head to this link first so that King Edward can receive 3% back for regular purchases or 20% back for gift certificates. Thank you to everyone that used this link thus far 

Just cut and paste and click shop online!

Parent Class Representatives

If you haven’t heard from your class rep and you would like to receive email’s please contact and we can give you their email.

King Edward Parent Council Members

Co-Chair- Jill Rochon

Treasurer- Laurie Uytterlinde Flood

Treasurer Mentee- Simon Rayment

Secretary- Roberta Scott

Communications Co-ordinator- Crystal Hopkins

Ward 10 Representative- Meredith Low

Parent Rep Coordinator – Crystal Hopkins

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns at all with your child at King Edward and are not sure where to start, the Parent Council is here to help. Feel free to email any questions to

International Day of Families: The International Day of Families, as proclaimed by the United Nations on May 15, is an occasion to reflect and celebrate the importance of families, people, societies and cultures around the world. It has been held every year since 1995.

The International Day of Families gives an opportunity to promote awareness of issues relating to families and increase the knowledge of the social, economic and demographic processes affecting families. Governments, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions and individuals are encouraged to organize observances/events of the day to promote a better understanding of the functions, problems, strengths and needs of families.

Visakha Puja Day: Visakha comes from the Sanskrit word Vaiśākha and is an annual holiday practiced by Buddhists in South Asian and South East Asian countries like Nepal, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Indonesia and India. It commemorates the Birth, Enlightenment, and Final Nirvana of the Buddha. This is the major religious holiday for Asian Buddhists and is always celebrated on a full moon day in May, this year on May 15th. It is said that during the full moon of Taurus, Buddha descends from his high place to bestow spiritual blessings on the world. It is thought that at this time, great expansions of consciousness, which are not possible at other times, become possible, and that energies are transmitted that assist humanity in taking the next steps on the path of spiritual growth. The decision to agree to celebrate Visakha as the Buddha’s birthday was taken at the first Conference of the World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB) held in Sri Lanka in 1950.

Buddha Day is celebrated in a number of ways around the world. There is often the ceremonial release of small creatures, such as birds or turtles, as a symbol of the Buddha’s compassion for all things. A statue of the baby Buddha may be bathed in a ritual commemorating his birth. Dharma talks are given, often on the eight precepts (teachings) of Buddhism, since this ceremony is intended to reflect on the life of the Buddha and the goal for all of enlightenment. People will dress simply, wear light colours, sleep on the ground and not on comfortable mattresses, eat one or two meals during the day, and surrender many habitual pleasures to celebrate the birth of the Buddha and to mourn his passing. Sitting and/or walking meditation may be a part of the festivities as well. Traditionally, vegetarian meals are served. In the evening, candlelight or lantern processionals end the celebration. This occasion is observed by millions of Buddhists throughout the world.

International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia: Although in some parts of the world, diverse sexual orientations and gender identity are becoming more accepted, members of the LGBTTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two-spirited, and Queer) community still experience discrimination, harassment, and persecution. In order to address the challenges faced by the LGBTTQ community, the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia was created. The first International Day against it was held on May 17th, 2002, in France. It is now recognized by the European Union and is celebrated by close to 100 countries, including here in Canada. May 17th was selected for this event because on May 17th, 1992, homosexuality was removed from the World Health Organization's International Classification of Disease. The day is meant “to draw the attention of policy makers, opinion leaders, social movements, public opinion, the media, etc., to this issue, and to promote a world of tolerance, respect and freedom regardless of people’s sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Sports, Clubs and Music Schedule:






Before School

 Grade 7/8 Co-Ed Ultimate Try-outs (8:00 am)

 Grade 7/8 Co-Ed Softball Try-outs (8:00 am)


 Black Student Alliance

 Yearbook Committee

 Glee Club

 Knitting Club

After School

 Rock Band

Rock Band

Grade 4/5/6 Ultimate