Language Development

Language Development (ESL/French)

Kipling Collegiate Institute (KCI) has students representing 54 nationalities; that’s fifty- four different countries under one school roof!
KCI students speak 37 different languages; that’s thirty-seven mother tongues in one school!

The Language Development Department at KCI is committed to assisting our English Language Learners (ELLs) to achieve academic success while developing self-confidence using the English language for a wide variety of social and academic purposes. ELLs in our classes receive individualized attention and care to develop and strengthen literacy skills as they progress towards full integration into mainstream classes. The diversity of each student is valued in an inclusive, welcoming and safe environment!  
This department also offers courses in French at the Open and Academic levels. Students have the opportunity to learn Canada's other official language in a supportive, innovative environment.

Digital Storytelling

   Every year, our ELLs have the opportunity to create authentic and inspirational digital stories with the assistance of Mrs. Salma Ahmed, our wonderful settlement worker, and her team.  These stories are showcased and celebrated in the KCI library with students, staff, parents, community members and many other important guests!

What can you expect from the school?

  •       Caring and dedicated teachers
  •       Teachers who expect you to do well
  •       Help and support from teachers
  •       Homework help 

   ESL & ELL pathways

french pathways

 Curriculum Leader Ms R. Pannu

       Contact us at: 416-394-6474 ext. 20091