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Kipling’s Physical Education department offers exciting and challenging physical education courses at all grade levels.  In addition to the traditional physical education  courses at the grade 9 and 10 levels, we offer a grade 11 and 12 Personal Fitness course and a grade 12 Exercise Science course.  Throughout all courses there is an emphasis on maximum fitness and fun.

Program activities like basketball, soccer and volleyball are offered.  In addition, there is also a focus placed on students being introduced to new activities like T-chouk-ball, Cricket, and Pickel Ball. 

The department also offers an extensive sports program and our teams are very competitive.  This past season our senior boys’ volleyball team made it to the city AA championships.  Some of the other sports that are running this year include: boys and girls basketball, Girls volleyball, indoor and outdoor cricket, badminton, and soccer.

Kipling Athletic Association

The Kipling’s Athletic Association (KAA) is responsible for many of the school’s athletic activities including, intramurals, interschool tournaments and the annual Athletic Banquet.

We work hard to ensure that there are many drop-in indoor activities in the gym at lunch time. These may include volleyball, basketball, hockey, and soccer or any sport that students at KCI are interested in. We also do team sign-ups which allow students to play with their peers.

Intramurals occur every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in gym A/B with a teacher supervisor to ensure safety throughout the games. We also look forward to hosting our annual Athletic Banquet, which brings together all the students from the various sports teams to a night filled with awards, great food, and dancing.

This night honours all the students who took part in KCI’s Athletics with prestigious awards given out such as the “Athlete of the Year” and “Most Valuable Player”.

We are proud of the great sports activities at Kipling.

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Curriculum Leader: Ms. I. Kondakciu

Contact us at: 416-394-6474 ext. 20031


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