The Arts

The Arts (Drama, Music & Visual Arts)

Group of students is dancing on the stage

Kipling CI offers a high caliber of creative and engaging arts experience for all students. Classes are offered across all grade levels in the subjects of dramatic arts, music, and visual arts. Furthermore, extra curricular and after-school activities in the areas of dance, drama, theatre tech, and band are available.Special school-wide arts opportunities include: participation in drama festivals and competitions, school assemblies and celebrations such as Remembrance Day and African Heritage month, KTECH (tech club to help with assemblies and other presentations), Multicultural night (school wide performance), TDSB Creates (board wide arts initiatives and performances), Field Trips (professional theatre and music performances, art galleries), In-school workshops and guest artists (mask, spoken word, African and Hip Hip dance, etc.)


Group of students acts drama on the stage

Drama Program:

Drama at KCI introduces students to dramatic and ensemble skills, leadership skills, presentation skills, as well as team building opportunities. Students will learn about various dramatic conventions, such as: tableaux, mime, voice and movement, script analysis and script writing, monologues, collective creation, role play, and improvisation.

Students will also learn about various styles and genres of theatre such as: verbatim theatre, documentary theatre, forum theatre, Theatre of the Absurd, Commedia Dell’Arte, Children’s theatre, Canadian Theatre and other theatre from around the world.




In the music program, students will have the opportunity to be exposed to various instruments, styles, and types of music. They will work collaboratively and individually to learn an instrument, compose their own pieces of music, and learn about music theory and styles. Music at KCI is an instrumental program focusing on band instruments:

Flute, Trumpet, Oboe, French Horn, Clarinet, Trombone, Alto, Saxophone, Baritone, Tenor, Tuba, Electric Bass, Percussion.Students who have played one of the above instruments in their feeder schools are strongly encouraged to stick with their instrument. Students new to band have the opportunity to see, hear, and ask questions about the instruments before selecting their top three choices. No experience is necessary!

Visual Art:

Visual Art at KCI introduces students to a variety of materials, artistic processes and products, and refined application of the elements and principles of design. Students will be introduced to art forms from various cultures and historical periods, including indigenous art. Particular art forms will be explored, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, prints, collage, mixed media, digital, crafts, and photography.

Arts pathways
Arts pathways

Assistant Curriculum Leader: Ms. P. Mildebrath

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