Leadership Program

Leadership Program


Graduated Leadership Program

Kipling Collegiate offers a graduated leadership program as outlined below. All students are strongly encouraged to apply for the program which offers a multitude of benefits! Students obtain certificates, can put this wonderful experience on their resume and finally, build skills and confidence as they move on beyond high school. We also offer athletic and wellness options to obtain leadership certification.

Level 1 Certificate

  • Any student who is interested in being part of the KCI Leadership Program
  • Teacher feedback is elicited but it is not a closed group
  • Students to attend two out of three activity based, engaging leadership training sessions throughout the year. These sessions are run by Level 2 leaders. Some examples of the sessions are outlined below:
    •   What is leadership?
    •   Event Planning
    •   Peer Mentoring / Conflict Resolution

Level 2 Certificate

  • Students to fill out an application form, all students have a chance to apply
  • Students to run 3 training sessions for Level 1 leaders
  • Students to help with fundraisers for camp
  • Students to help with school wide events: Gr. 8 visits, parent’s night, Arts night, etc.

Level 3 Certificate

  • Students to run a school wide event with minimal teacher support
  • Students who are part of student council qualify for a Level 3 certificate


Leadership Camp

While learning is an integral part of a student’s life, it doesn’t have to occur solely in the classroom.

In May of 2014 Kipling Collegiate initiated the annual leadership camp. Since then the camp has grown and attracted students from various grades! All students are encouraged to apply for camp, be they emergent or exemplary leaders.

The camp offers excellent opportunities for leadership, team building, initiative and most importantly, making memories for a life time. Some of the activities include low ropes, high ropes, fire building, talent night, hiking and campfires. Nothing beats the feeling of being out in the fresh air, participating in various challenges, problem solving with your friends and forgetting about your phone for a few days!

Leadership through STEM and KAA

At Kipling Collegiate Institute students get multiple opportunities to obtain their leadership certification. Students can train to be leaders for the STEM Olympics or organize and lead intramurals for the Kipling Athletic Association.