Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics


 Kipling Collegiate Institute is a designated STEM School

We take pride in offering STEM opportunities to ALL students which includes design think challenges, critical thinking and plenty of technology integration!

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Video Broadcast Program

KCI offers Video Broadcast courses at the Gr. 11 and 12 level. Three times a week, school announcements are broadcast to students across the school.

As part of the program, students can avail of our state of the art $50 000 digital broadcast studio, resume ready experience as well as industry standard software like Adobe Photoshop Pro. They also have opportunities for field trips and connections with industry professionals.

3D Printers 

KCI currently has three 3D printers that are used in various capacity in the math and physics programs. 3D printing technology constitutes the 'Internet of Things' and is at the forefront of current innovation. In being exposed to this technology, KCI students will certainly have an edge in their post secondary choices.

mBot soccer

Computer Technology and Communication Technology

KCI offers computer and communication technology at the Gr. 9 and 10 level. In the computer technology course, students get opportunities to learn about and work on hardware operations. In addition to this, they also get to program mBot robots. Many students in this program are also part of the Robotics club where they can further their skills as well as compete with other schools in robotics competitions. KCI has ICT SHSM program with a focus on Video Broadcast and Robotics.

In the communication technology course, students get opportunities to work on graphic design and video editing. Many of the students in this course go on to take the Video Broadcast course in Gr. 11 and 12.

STEM Olympics

KCI STEM Olympics run three times a year! Two of those are for our Gr. 9 students and one is for middle school students from around the west end of Toronto. Schools like Dixon Grove MS, Hilltop MS and Islington JMS have competed. What is unique about our STEM Olympics is that it is almost entirely student led. This offers students an excellent leadership opportunitiy and engages the participants more effectively. All of the challenges that students partake in follow the principals of design thinking ( Research, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Execute ) and include exciting activites like CSI, Robot Control, Mission to Mars, Shock Absorber and Rope Wars!

In March of 2017 a group of KCI STEM leaders were runners up in the Rethink the Box engineering competition.

Technology Integration in courses

Staff at KCI strive to integrate technology into their courses in ways that are engaging and that further student learning and thinking. Students in the Gr. 12 Chemistry class work to create hot and cold packs as part of a thermochemistry activity, students in the Gr. 11 physics class use the 3D printers to design and make wheels for racing their cars as a way to learn about Newton's Laws and machines. Ice cream making, soccerbot tournaments, laser art and forensics also happen in our classes.