Athletic Council : The Athletic Council runs athletics at L'Amoreaux C.I. We set up and keep score for home games for the various sports offered at L'Amoreaux. We organize intramurals such as Sports Week, the Ski Trip and the Athletic Banquet. If you have a passion for sports or are interested in developing your leadership skills, contact Ms.Sukhdeo.

Cricket : L'Amoreaux has a Cricket Team. Indoor practice begins in October and continues until the Spring when outdoor practice begins. Although the competitive season is short , it's a lot of fun.

Christian Fellowship : The Christian Fellowship club meets weekly to address the issue of life as well as specific concerns of its participants, by means of guest speakers, worship leaders, student presentations, informative videos, prayer and stimulating socials. It also fosters a wholesome relationship between the school and the community.

Deca : Deca is a business-marketing club, designed to give students a greater understanding of marketing, management, economics and free enterprise. Students learn communication, human relations, and employability skills through competing in regional and provincial competitions.

Equity Committee: The Equity Committee exists to unearth silenced and marginalized voices. We area committed to ensuring that the L'Am learning and teaching community treat all members with dignity and respect so that everyone feels safe and welcomed. Never underestimate the power of a few committed people to change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

ESL Translation Club: The ESL Translation Club is a club for all L'Amoreaux students who recognize the personal and professional value of maintaining their home language/mother tongue. The ESL Translation Club offers its translation services around the school to help others in the school community communicate to L'Am students, parents and the community in the language that they are most comfortable and competent. The ESL Translation club stands for an inclusive school culture, and the richness of linguisitc diversity by recognizing the talents and contribution of L'Am students who speak a multitude of languages.

ESP ( Empowered Student Partnerships ) : ESP at L'Am stands for Empowered Student Partnerships. It is a group designed to give students a chance to play a role in providing a safe environment for their schools and community in cooperation with the police department at 42 Division, and its family of schools. ESP officially became active in the school in November 2003. Since then, ESP has addressed the most common concern of our students, including racial discrimination, theft, gang activity and relationship violence. ESP at L'Am has won the " Creativity Award " three times for their innovative campaigns. Come out and join us ! Our meetings take place in Portable 12 on Tuesdays. Hours dedicated to the club can be counted for 'Community Service' time. There is an Executive Council of 5 students and a committee of 25. Listen for announcements in September for new recruiting. Interested students should see Ms.Dassios.

Formal Committee : Each year, graduating students create a working group to stage the final graduation dance, the Prom, for their peers. Be a part of this hard working dynamic group in May.

Investment Club : The Investment Club meets to promote financial literacy and sound money management skills. Through games and contests, students can put their skills to work.

L'Am Drama Club : Each year, the L'Am Drama Club produces a school play and competes in the Sears Ontario Drama Festival. To raise funds, we run car washes and a huge " Blue and Gold " talent show - it's a lot of fun. We need both "stars" and "behind-the-scenesters". Join the Drama Club and you will gain friends for life!

L'Amoreaux Art Club : The Club welcomes all students who are interested in exploring their creativity, drawing, painting, sculpture and ceramics. Can't draw ? Don't worry we will teach you how ! The Club meets in Room A6. Questions can be directed to Ms. Lemmermeyer in A6.

L'Amoreaux Dragon Boat : Want to be a part of a unique sport, one of the fastest growing in North America, at the school that started it here in Scarborough? Want to make your resume stand out as being different from everyone else's? Dragon Boating gives you the opportunity to develop athletic skills, teamwork, self-confidence and strong friendships in the world class international competition. We start in February. See our display case in the Market Square.

L'Amoreaux Chess Team/Club : We play chess against other students and schools. It runs from October - March.

LESS : If you are into environmental justice and want the world to be cleaner, more sustainable place to live, then the L'Amoreaux Ecology Student Society LESS) is for you. LESS is committed to creating a healthier environment at L'Amoreaux and we are now a certified EcoSchool !!

Medical Ventured ( Medvents ) : In association with Scouts Canada and Toronto E.M.S. Paramedics, MedVents provided students with the opportunity to take a Standard First Aid Course and CPR and provides the school with an Emergency First Responder Team. Students have the opportunity to do service work both in school and at outside events like Toronto Winterfest, Cavalcade of Lights and the Toronto Street Festival. Service hours count towards the 40 hours Community Service. Students interested in a medical career such as paramedics, nursing, etc. will benefit from the advanced medical training provided by Med Vents. Interested students should see Ms. Garde. Meetings take place at 3:30 on Tuesdays.

L'Amoreaux Model United Nations / Debate Club: Interested in politics? Want to learn about current issues? Well, this group is designed to allow students to explore and learn through UN role play about world issues. Participating in this Model UN is an excellent opportunity as an individual can also gain valuable oratory and debating skills, in a forum that is engaging and informative. In addition, the club has expanded to become a debating society. Students can learn the art of debate. Interested students should see Mr. Woo or drop by E3, where the meetings are held.

Some model UN conferences that we'll be attending this year will be:
  • Scarborough Inviational Model United Nations
  • Laurier C.I. Model UN
  • SSUNS at McGill University
  • University of Toronto UN Society
  • SOMA
MSA ( Muslim Student Association ) : The Muslim Student Association is an organization designed to foster an environment of brotherhood and sisterhood amongst Muslim youth. Through events such as the Iftaar dinner, sports night and weekly Friday prayers, the MSA seeks to create a community that is respectful, peaceful, tolerant and appreciative of the cultural diversity present at our school. If you would like to contribute to this club, feel free to join.

Music Council : The Music Council's goal is to promote the enjoyment of music at L'Amoreaux. We organize concerts and events such as the Winter Wonders and Spring Fever Concerts, Expressions Cafe, Band Retreat , Music Camp and the Music Banquet.. You don't have to be a musician to join. All students are welcome.

PALs ( Peers and L'Amoreaux School ) : "PALs" plays an integral role in the life at L'Amoreaux C.I. Its primary responsibility is to provide leadership and peer support while assisting in the many functions within the school and community. These include new student orientation, organization of Gr 9 day, commencement, university/college information sessions, Grade 8 tours, Parents night, Christmas Cheer, feeder school visits, and finally the organization of International Buffet. Students interested in becoming a PAL or wanting the assistance of this group are invited to contact Mrs. Ozero in the Social Sciences & Humanities Department.

Radio L'Am : Radio L'Am is comprised of a small group of dedicated students and a teacher supervisor who speak to the L'Am community on a daily basis. We begin the day, announce a five-minute warning, introduce the " March " ( one minute warning), and play the anthem, read the announcements, host lunchtime shows and more! If you are an aspiring d.j or techno-wiz then we're the club for you !!! Brrrrraaaaappppppppp !

S.P.I.D.E.R ( Students Preventing Impaired Driving While Encouraging Responsibility ) : In association with M.A.D.D. CANADA and O.S.A.I.D., this group of students from all grade levels work towards raising the awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving. They regularly attend conferences and have been provincial winners of 3 years in a row. Meetings are held every week. Come join a very dynamic group.

Stage Crew : The Stage Crew provides technical assistance for all L'Am events including : assemblies, dances, theatrical shows and cultural events. Welcome to the world of strobe lights, fog machines, theatrical sets, paint, lumber, microphones, computer programmable lighting boards and data projectors ! Join us to learn, design, create and run the show.

Tamil Club TSA ( Tamil Students Association at L'Am ) : This club is open to all students of L'Am, but especially caters to the needs of the Tamil students. We provide opportunities to celebrate Tamil holidays and participate in various sporting activities.

U.C.A.L ( United Cultures at L'AM) : U.C.A.L. plans activities for new ESL students to help them integrate and feel welcome at L'Am, and to promote cultural sharing. Meetings and activities are held throughout the school year.

Yearbook Club : This club is responsible for putting together L'Amoreaux' events for the school Yearbook. We need writers, photographers, editors and advertisers. Come and join a dynamic team.