Guidance Counsellors
Counsellors are available for students throughout the school year and are determined by the student's last name. 

Mark Fischer, Surnames A to Gl  416-393-9500 x 20043                           

Janine Sacks, Surnames Gm to Ni                                         416-393-9500 x 20041

Roland Straatsma, ACL of Guidance, Surnames Nj to Z          416-393-9500 x 20042

Lawrence Park CI  - Guidance Counsellors deal with a wide variety of issues including: 

  • Support for student well-being through counselling and referrals
  • Course Selection 
  • Timetable Changes 
  • Workplace,University,College, Apprenticeship 
  • Awards and Scholarships 
  • Post Secondary Destinations 
  • Transcript Information 
  • Volunteer Information 

Making an Appointment

To make an appointment with your Guidance Counsellor, please email your Guidance Counsellor. You are also always welcome to drop by guidance and see if your counselor is available.

Peer Tutoring

Free tutoring is available to students who need help in any subject. The Guidance office coordinates tutoring as well as other student support services. Please visit the Guidance office if you are interested in extra help.

Full Disclosure

All grade 11 and grade 12 students are subject to the policy of full disclosure as outlined by the Ministry of Education. Full Disclosure begins 5 days after the November report card is issued for LP's semestered course. Full Disclosure begins 5 days after the April report card for LP's full year courses.

Optional Attendance

Any student who wishes to attend another secondary school next year must see a Guidance Counsellor prior to February as spaces at other schools are limited. Once a student attends another secondary school, they will be required to fill out another Optional Attendance Application should they wish to return to Lawrence Park Collegiate. 


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