LPCI Sports

LPCI Sports



Jaak Parn Memorial Field Scoreboard
Lawrence Park Collegiate offers a wide variety of sports for our students to enjoy and compete in. Our goal is to enrich the lives of each student by fully developing the student through a rich co-curricular program that is based on sound values of fair play and co-operation.

Please see below for a list of all the sport teams that Lawrence Park Collegiate has to offer. For more information, please click on the appropriate submenu choice.





Fall Sports


 Boys Girls
 Cross Country  Basketball 
 Football(jr/sr)  Tennis
 Soccer  Cross Country
 Golf  Field Hockey
 Tennis  Rugby 7s


Winter Sports


 Boys Girls
 Curling  Curling
 Hockey  Hockey
 Basketball(jr/sr)  Volleyball(jr/sr)
 Swim  Swim 
 Ski Team  Ski Team
 Snowboarding Team  Snowboarding Team

Spring Sports

 Boys Girls
 Badminton  Badminton
 Baseball  Rugby
 Rugby(jr/sr)  Soccer
 Water Polo  Water Polo
 Track & Field  Track & Field
 Co-ed Volleyball  Co-ed Volleyball