Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Malvern is a school rich in tradition.  Our very active alumni association, Malvern's Red & Black Society, is an important part of our school community.  They are often in the school digitizing Malvern's past and ensuring that Malvernites stay connected to each other and to the school community.  While Malvern staff and students continue to be innovative in our teaching and learning, they also value the Malvern of the past.  

It's difficult to fully understand what makes a school stand out.  They all have caring and knowledgeable staff, vast extra-curricular opportunities, and they all follow the same Ontario Curriculum.  The Fraser report ranks schools every year, using a criteria that can be confusing and unclear, and it leads people to believe that one school is somehow "better" than another.  I always contend that no school is "better" than any other, but each school can offer different program options.  It's sometimes the intangible things that make a school amazing for its students.  

When I speak to Malvern students and staff - past and present - they often feel a special connection to the school.  Sometimes it's because generations of their family attended Malvern.  For others, there's a certain sense of pride and identity that comes through in their memories of Malvern traditions, such as Red & Black Day, marching in the Santa Claus parade, and annual drama productions.  

Whatever it is, Malvern is a special place and I am grateful to the staff, students and community for continuing to care for the school and each other.  

Aaron Gotfryd