Lunchroom Program, Health & Safety

Lunchroom Program / Health & Safety

Lunchroom Program & Health & Safety

Student health and safety is a priority for staff and parents alike. The following information will help in keeping our students safe.

Entry Safety

The school has many rules, which help in keeping our students safe. Parents are asked to wait for students outside the door their child exits so that we can monitor adults in the building. 

If picking up a child before the end of the day parents are asked to sign into the office and wait there until their child comes to meet them.

Parking Lot
Due to limited parking spaces, the school parking lot is only for staff vehicles, busses and parents picking up students with mobility challenges. 

School Yard Safety

Students are often reminded to use the play equipment safely. Tag, running, ropes and balls are not allowed on the playground equipment. Students must wait in line to use the monkey bars and to go down the slide one at a time. Students line up when the bell rings and wait for the teachers to supervise their entry into the school. Unsupervised students are not allowed in the school during lunch or recess.

Lunchroom Supervision

Supervision is offered for those students who do not have a parent, relative or day-care available for the lunch hour. Students must be registered for this program. Our lunchroom is very crowded with a supervision ratio of over one supervisor for every one hundred students.

There is no charge for this service, but students whose behaviour is unacceptable can have this service withdrawn. Students who do stay for lunch are not allowed to leave school property. Since we have students and staff who are severely allergic, please do not send peanuts, nuts or peanut products to school for snack or lunch.

Lunchroom Supervisors are trusted adults that can be easily identified. They wear orange safety vests and fanny pack first aid kits in the school yard so students can find them and ask for help or assistance as needed.

Inclement Weather

In the event of extreme weather conditions, classes in the Toronto District School Board may be cancelled. However, the schools will be open and staff will make every effort to be on hand to receive the children who arrive at school. The Toronto District School Board believes that all children benefit from regular attendance at school. Parents and guardians may decide not to send their children to school if they believe that conditions are unsafe.

The school board will make every effort to inform parents of cancellation of classes or school transportation services through the local Toronto radio stations. Before sending your child to school on stormy mornings, please listen to the local radio stations for information regarding