Our Leaders

Our Main Office can be reached by telephone at (416) 396-2410. Please see below for the extension of our Leaders.  

Department Leader Extension
Athletic Co-Curricular Activities Larry Laughlin 20030
Business/Computer Studies Steven Jay 20115
Canadian and World Studies Alicia Roberge 20075
Co-op/Careers/SHSM Nicole Silva 20135
English/Drama Canute Lawrence 20090
English Language Learners Tharsi Yoganathan 20160
Family Studies/Social Sciences Ferris Grant 20070
Guidance Zainab Jamal 20042
Library Mary Mexis Lumsden 20020
Literacy Anne Marie Longpre 20090
Mathematics/Numeracy David Gani 20080
Moderns Doug MacKillop 20135
Physical and Health Education Paul Hillman 20030
Science Cheryl Woods 20095
Special Education Brenda Ryan 20047
Student Success/BSAP Christina Mclsaac 20044
Technology Erin Carey 20145
TOPS Amy Scholl 20165
Visual Arts/Music/Dance Jamie Doyle 20100