Do you use iPads at your school?
Want a better way to manage them?

IT Services is introducing a Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool: AirWatch, offering enhanced device management features:

  • Automatic TDSB wireless network access
  • Easy app installation
  • Manage device inventory at school/department level
  • Remote configuration and updates
  • Locate and wipe device in case of loss or theft
  • Enabling teachers to manage devices from anywhere, at any time

AirWatch removes the need for Apple Configurator, iTunes and Apple IDs.

Stay tuned for more details and release dates!

"What I really love about AirWatch is the ability to manage the iPads remotely. Through the web browser you can install apps quickly and easily. I never get error messages like I used to with configurator. You can also rename the iPads to a "friendly name" instead the default iPad serial number. This makes it easy to identify specific iPads."

FH Miller Jr PS

"Airwatch is the answer to all your prayers. Want to push out certain apps to particular groups of iPads? Done. Organize iPads by grade/division/class sets? Yes! If you're lucky to get someone to manage Airwatch in your school, you'll save time going to Service IT and placing tickets."

McKee PS