Special Programs and Clubs

Activites @ Niagara


We have itinerant music teachers visiting Niagara for the Grade 5-6 students to learn either the violin or a wind/brass instrument.


Although art and hands on activities are a part of the curriculum at Niagara we do have opportunities to include additional instruction and activities for students.  One of our fun events that allows students to participate in various artistic, creative endeavours is our STEAMathon. Arrangements are made for 8-10 builders/artists to visit the school for a day to take over the classrooms and teach their crafts or share their area of expertise.  Students can choose 4 activities to participate in and create their own personal works.  Some projects are displayed on the walls, hanging from the ceilings, and in the hallways of the school while some creations get to go home.  

Some of the other artwork that you may have seen throughout the school - the paper mache trees in the entrance, the parade of wooden children on the fence just outside - are projects funded by the School Council for an artist in residence.  An artist is chosen to work with the entire school on a group project over a period of a few weeks. 


Folkfest is a dance club for Grade 2-6 kids which meets once a week from January to May. The kids learn a set of dances including the YMCA, the Virginnia Reel and Greek Zorba dance and the Cha-Cha Slide (a big favourite). In May they join hundreds of other kids from many other elementary schools in Toronto for the ultimate dance celebration.

children dance

Arts Express

Arts Express is an outside organization that hosts various art workshops at different locations. At Niagara, we have had Glee Club, Drama, and several Drawing classes offered.  Each workshop is once a week and parents pay a moderate fee for their child to attend. Niagara Street P.S. is one of the locations at which Arts Express operates their programming; typically one workshop is offered per term.