Welcome to Oakdale Park M.S.

"Learning and Growing Together"

Oakdale Park Middle School is home to approximately 420 students in grades 6, 7 and 8.  The school has a rich history of supporting young people in the dynamic and diverse community of Jane and Finch.

Our school mission is to work collectively so that all students can achieve their true genius and reach their goals.  We achieve this by including students with special education needs, having high expectations, closing gaps, and treating each other with respect.  Our staff also engage in ongoing professional learning with the understanding that as we get better in our various roles, our students will also achieve even greater success.

The majority of our students live in the immediate area.  They are served by a Principal, Vice Principal, 1 office administrator, 1 secretary, 25 teachers, 2 Learning Coaches, 1 Student Success Transitions Counsellor, 1 School Social Worker, 2 Conflict Mediation Counsellors, 2  Educational Assistants, 1 Special Needs Assistant, 2 Child and Youth Workers, 4 lunchroom supervisors, and 3 caretakers.

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