Oakridge Public School was established in 1895 when school section #10 was subdivided as a result of population increased in the south-west corner of Scarborough.  The new section was called S.S. #12.

In May, 1895, a one acre site was acquired for $600 and the building contracted for $1500.

The large, one-room brick structure was completed and ready for students in September, 1895.

Miss Maud Robertson was the school's first teacher and was paid $66.25 quarterly.

The first building was destroyed by fire during the summer of 1912.

In September, 1913, Mr. Kelly offered to house the classes in his barn while construction began of the replacement school.  The trustees, however, refurbished a large driveshed on the property for temporary classes.  The new two-room school was completed within the year at a cost of $14,798.  Additions were added in 1916 and 1922.

In 1924, with the student population expanding rapidly,  the trustees built a second building on the same site to house the older students.  This six-room building was constructed just east of the 1913 structure.

When classes resumed in September, 1925, S.S. #12, Oakridge consisted on 18 classrooms:  6 in each of the two buildings on Danforth Avenue at Danforth Road,  two portables on the same site and two rooms operating in a new subdivision to the north known as Regent's Park.  (That structure later became Regent Heights P.S. when a newer building was erected on Pharmacy Ave.)

Overcrowding continued after W.W. II and shift classes begun in 1953.  Some students attended classes from 8:15 to noon and others began at 12:30 and continued until 4:30.  The two buildings on the Danforth were later linked by an enclosed passageway so students could move between the two buildings without going outside.

In the early 1960's a young student fell through the stage during a concert rehearsal (she was not serious injured) but the resulting investigation discovered that the buildings were infested with termites.

The current Oakridge school was opened in September, 1967 with 13 rooms, Kindergarten, and Library Resource centre.

The "Old Oakridge" was partially used by administration as the "west annex" until the new Board facilities were opened at Borough Drive in 1973.

The old school site was subsequently sold to the City and redeveloped as a community park.  The school's old Oakridge datestone was salvaged by the Board archivist when the buildings were demolished and was later mounted on the site along with a descriptive plaque.


Thanks to Rick Schofield, Board Archivist and Scarborough Heritage Consultant for providing us with the preceding information. Mr. Schofield can be reached at the TDSB (Scarborough) Board Archives East facilities. (730 Scarborough Golf Club Road ). This Archives facility is the permanent repository for Scarborough historical records.