Infographic infomation on INTERACT ALTERNATIVE PROGRAM

INTERACT is an alternative secondary school program designed to accommodate the special needs of students who require significant accommodation for serious out-of-school commitments. INTERACT was begun in 1985 at Vaughan Road Collegiate Institute (later ‘Academy’) and was moved to Oakwood Collegiate Institute in 2017. The staff and students of INTERACT Alternative are excited to welcome new students as we embark on “Interact 2.0” - in effect ‘rebooting’ the program for our new school community.

INTERACT Alternative aims to provide the flexibility and support for students which is required in order to pursue their academics concurrently with busy out of school schedules that often take them away from school, involve commitments during the school day, or otherwise impact on their ability to complete their high school education on a "normal" schedule.

 Historically, a majority (but not all!) INTERACT students train and perform in a variety of activities such as dance, athletics, acting and music outside of school. Applications for students who do not fit this traditional profile, but who can demonstrate genuine need for academic accommodations, and who will demonstrate a commitment to making effective use of the INTERACT Alternative Program are encouraged to apply, regardless of the nature of the out-of-school commitments which they are aiming to balance with their studies in school.

Please note: INTERACT Alternative is a term/full-year program (i.e. classes for the most part run from September to June). It is NOT semestered. Applications are considered on a rolling or ongoing basis for students in or entering grades 9-12.

Please refer to the links below for more information about INTERACT and how to apply for admission. Contact:

Michael Alex
Assistant Curriculum Leader, INTERACT Alternative Program

How to apply to the INTERACT Program

Student Application: INTERACT Alternative Program

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416-393-1780 x 20028